10 Journal Prompts for Writing Outside

Writing in the outdoors can be incredibly therapeutic. The fresh air and the absence of constant noise and distractions can create the perfect environment to write and practice self-reflection. However, we all get writer’s block.

Here are ten prompts to get your gears moving next time you get outside and open up your journal only to stare at a blank page.

I hope they get you writing more!


1. Write out your goals

This is a simple prompt, but an incredibly beneficial one. Write down your goals for the week, for the month, the year, whatever feels the most needed. It is so helpful to organize your thoughts, prioritize your short-term and long-term goals, and to physically see them written out. By writing out your goals and dreams, you are 42% more likely to achieve them. So dig deep and write them out.


2. What do you need more of? Less of?

Through your daily life, what things are you lacking? What do you need more of to add joy and security to your daily life? What do you need less of? This prompt can be a helpful way to reflect on your daily life and prioritize your needs for your mental and physical well-being.


3. A list of things you wish you could tell your teenage self

Growing up is hard, we’ve all been there. What are the things you needed to hear when you were a teenager? What things would you tell teenagers today?


4. Things you need to hear right now

No matter what your current situation is, what are the things that you need to hear? Practice self-compassion with this exercise and acknowledge your current struggles and successes. Speak to yourself the way you would speak to your best friend, what are the things you need to tell yourself?


5.  Things you are proud of

It is important to reflect on our accomplishments. Women are all too often socialized to not take pride in one’s achievements, and it can be difficult to actually feel pride. What makes you proud of yourself? What have you overcome? Use this prompt to recognize the ways you have overcome adversity.


6. Love letters

This is one of my favorite prompts. Write a letter to someone you love, whether it be a partner, a mother, or a best friend. Handwritten letters can be a beautiful way to tell someone that you love and appreciate them, and they will make you feel incredibly happy in the process.


7. What qualities are really important for you to embody (empathy, kindness, honesty, etc)? Why?

Writing about the qualities that are the most important to you can be a great exercise that helps you reflect on how you are or are not implementing those qualities into your everyday relationships with the people around you and with yourself. As you make a list of your most valued qualities, ask yourself why those stand out to you. How are you carrying out those qualities?


8. Write about someone you admire

For this exercise, write down between one and three people whom you admire. Why do they stand out to you? What morals, accomplishments, or qualities do they embody that you respect? Do you see yourself in them? If so, why? By thinking these questions through, you can reflect on someone you look up to which may lead to further self-reflection.


9. Who would you want giving a toast at your 80th birthday? What would they say?

This prompt is meant to be fun. If you think about the people in your life, who do you want standing by you at your 80th birthday party, giving a toast? Why that person (or people)? What would you want them to say? This exercise not only allows you to think about the people that mean the most to you, but also the type of person you want to be when you’re older and the accomplishments that you have yet to make.


10. What messages have you gotten from the media that are harmful? How have you or are you currently working to overcome them?

We all receive negative messages from the media, and whether we recognize it or not, we absorb these messages. This can be incredibly harmful to the ways that we see ourselves and the world around us. By writing about it, we reflect on the ways these messages alter our mindset and we are more likely to undo some of that harmful thinking. This can be beneficial for anyone who is trying to push away from harmful media and blossom in their own self-love because despite what the ads say, you definitely don’t need to buy (insert product here) to be beautiful.

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