5 Reasons To Stay in an Igloo

On a recent trip to the Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental in the beautiful Tyrolean Alps of Austria, I was lucky enough to spend a night in an igloo at the fantastical ALPENIGLU village! It was a decision that was heralded with mixed reactions from friends and family. Some of them thought I was crazy and would most likely die from hypothermia. Others thought this was literally the coolest idea ever! Having been there, done that, I can say that it was an experience I will never forget. Here are just 5 reasons why you too should stay in an igloo:

1. It’s a bucket-list adventure

As if sleeping in an igloo isn’t enough, the whole experience at ALPENIGLU gives you a multitude of activities to tick off your bucket-list. Our stay included an ice-carving lesson and a tour of the village’s very own ice art exhibition. We even enjoyed a torchlit walk through the surrounding Alpine forest. It was certainly an adventure to remember. If you ever get the chance to spend a night in igloo, just do it!


2. Wining and dining in style

Staying in an igloo in the Alps doesn’t necessarily mean forgoing the creature comforts of a typical ski resort. We enjoyed copious amounts of gluhwein in the amazing igloo ice bar. This was followed by one of the best fondues of our lives in the dining igloo. World-class dining in the best setting on the slopes. Sitting on cosy reindeer hides while we helped ourselves to homegrown beef from the ice table was a dinner to remember. In addition, every little detail was thought out during the stay. We even enjoyed tasty bread cooked over the fire to round off our one-of-a-kind evening.


3. It’s not that cold in an Igloo

Don’t let the fear of being cold put you off spending the night in an igloo. Layering on a bit more and a few minutes sitting around the roaring fireplace outside really helps to warm up the bones. Furthermore, we were nervous entering our personal igloo at the beginning of the night with fear that we would turn to icicles in our beds. However, with feet warmers, thermal inner sleeping bags and sub-zero sacks placed on reindeer hides we were warm as could be inside our ice bedroom. I even had to unzip my sleeping bag in the middle of the night as I was too hot… Imagine that!


4. At total peace with the world

The ALPENIGLU village is situated at the top of a gondola station in the Wilder Kaiser area. So when everyone else goes down from the mountain for the day you are still able to sit and enjoy the view. Watching the sunset over the Alps, lighting the snow in an orangery glow with no one else around, was truly a sight to behold. There on the top of the mountain, with pure nature surrounding me at 360 degrees, my soul was rejuvenated!


5. Skiing from your doorstep

You can’t get a better ski-in, ski-out destination than your very own igloo. We were able to take to the slopes before the lifts had even opened. This meant we were out skiing while the first shards of lights lit the slopes. Having this magical world all to ourselves after a fantastic night in an igloo, was just the cherry on top of a fantastic stay!


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