7 Diverse Instagram Accounts by Women

The opportunity to observe diverse Instagram accounts, or all social media really, often feels absent. We’ve all felt it, the weight of today’s social media run world. After awhile it can feel like we’re getting served up the same, reused inspirational quotes and scenery images. What we absorb via social media impacts the way that we see the world, how we interact with it, as well as how we treat ourselves and each other. When so much information is dished out, it’s up to us to be more proactive and curate the right content. The channels that will make us better people. You’ve heard the saying, surround yourself with good people that lift you up. The same is true with our media.

So to help, here are 7 diverse Instagram accounts you should be following. And even better, they’re all by women.

Diverse Instagram - Melanin Base Camp
Diverse Instagram – Melanin Base Camp pictures

Melanin Base Camp:

Handle: @melaninbasecamp

Melanin Base Camp is an inspirational and diverse Instagram account that features badass folks as they pursue their passions in the outdoors. It’s truly inspiring to witness. Black and Brown communities are significantly underrepresented in the outdoors industry. Melanin Base Camp provides a platform for making the outdoors more inclusive. The diverse Instagram account provides an array of people beside important content that challenges notions of racism and exclusion in the outdoors. Melanin Base Camp is an essential account to follow for anyone who seeks critical content about getting outside and pushing boundaries.



Diverse Instagram - Jessamyn Stanley
Diverse Instagram – Jessamyn Stanley pictures

Jessamyn Stanley:

Handle: @mynameisjessamyn

If you aren’t already, you’re going to want to followJessamyn. This kick-ass individual embodies self-discovery and self-worth beautifully through her yoga practice. Jessamyn uses her divers Instagram account to share her experiences as a yogi, the ups and downs, so you get the full story. Not only is the photography content high quality, the messaging illustrates themes of growth, adversity, and body positivity. Jessamyn’s book, Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get on the Mat, Love Your Body is a how-to guide that demonstrates that yoga isn’t about what one looks like, but how one feels. Truly, a concept that should be pushed far and wide.


Diverse Instagram - Women's Wilderness
Diverse Instagram – Women’s Wilderness pictures

Women’s Wilderness

Handle: @womenswilderness

Women’s Wilderness is an incredible non-profit based in Boulder, CO. Their mission is to give young women and girls the confidence and courage to get outside and experience the physical and mental benefits of nature. They primarily work with girls in underserved communities. They have never turned away a girl in need of financial aid. How inspiring is that? From camping, backpacking, rock climbing, fly fishing and much more, this organization provides outdoor experts who double as role models for girls to learn from. They even have programs specifically for LGBTQ+ youth, which attests to the commitment this group has for our youth. Let’s support their efforts in strengthening the next generation of young women.


Diverse Instagram - Nina Williams
Diverse Instagram – Nina Williams pictures

Nina Williams:

Handle: @sheneenagins 

Be prepared to be inspired. Nina Williams is a professional climber and is sure to provide anyone the urge to get outside. The climbing industry is heavily over-represented by men, but Nina brings her A-game and shows that women kick ass too. She uses her diverse Instagram account to provide messages of optimism and gratitude. Taking care of yourself is vital and Nina will make anyone want to improve their physical and mental health. Her spirit for the outdoors makes her an absolute light in an industry that often pushes women and girls out. Overall, if you’re looking for a new female role model in the outdoors industry, I would definitely recommend following Nina William’s diverse Instagram account for some solid inspiration.


Diverse Instagram - Native Women's Wilderness
Diverse Instagram – Native Women’s Wilderness pictures

Native Women’s Wilderness:

Handle: @nativewomenswilderness

Native Women’s Wilderness is a diverse Instagram account that celebrates Native women who get outside and spend time in the wild. They post content that challenges the outdoors industry and that uplifts Native people. Importantly, Native Women’s Wilderness discusses Native connection to land, and calls out the appropriation that frequently happens in the outdoors industry. They bring awareness to the injustice, lift up the voices that are excluded, and they inspire along the way, with stunning images and uplifting messages. If you benefit from spending time in nature, this account will provide an important perspective of our beloved outdoors.


Diverse Instagram - Dana Falsetti
Diverse Instagram – Dana Falsetti

Dana Falsetti:

Handle: @nolatrees

Dana Falsetti teaches accessible yoga for all body shapes, ages, and abilities to craft a connection with one’s body through her diverse Instagram account. Dana moves through critical conversations about representation and authenticity, to change the way we view and practice yoga. Her podcast, Deep Dive with Dana Falsetti, is a fantastic resource for critical conversations often regarding bodies, yoga, sexuality, and health. Also, she recently launched an accessible “name your price” yoga subscription where you can practice all forms of yoga with her online, each lesson fully captioned. As a subscriber, I can attest to how wonderful and inclusive her sessions are. Dana is a woman that I wish I had when I was younger, so let’s support her and her platform.


diverse Instagram - Brown People Camping
Diverse Instagram – Brown People Camping pictures

Brown People Camping:

Handle: @brownpeoplecamping

Ambreen Tariq is the creator of Brown People Camping, a diverse Instagram platform that celebrates people of color, getting outside. This account combats the serious lack of diversity in the outdoor industry. Brown People Camping is an excellent account reclaiming the outdoors and diversifying our public lands. They share the stories of those who feel the most alive when they’re in the outdoors. For this reason, let’s support BPC and highlight the voices that are often systematically left out. The photography is stunning. More importantly, the messages are critical and often tackle subjects of racism in the outdoors industry, as well as the world, and growth from such adversity. Overall, this account is both inspirational and educational. It shares message we all should be listening to more.

Final thoughts

Representation matters. Diversify your media feed and support rad women who celebrate the outdoors while also bringing great information and messages to the forefront. If you find yourself inspired by these diverse Instagram accounts, considering exploring your own thoughts on these important issues by reading 10 Journal Prompts for Writing Outdoors.

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