Meet the Sisters behind Women Who Explore

Lindsay MacNevin


Hey there, Lindsay here. Thanks so much for stopping by. A little about me; I am the little “big” sister to Jenny. Aka the more mature one. I’ve spent most of my life having no idea what I wanted to do, that is until we started Women Who Explore

WWExplore started as a passion project, a way for Jenny and I to get outdoors more and meet some rad chicks along the way. What we didn’t envision is just how many other women were looking for something like this.

We started growing, and growing and growing, enough for me to leave my full time job as a travel writer and devote my time to this. Just a year later and we have an even clearer vision of who we are and what this company will be.

We want ALL women to feel like they have a supportive community, both indoors and outdoors. We chose the word explore because it truly can mean anything. Perhaps you are exploring in the outdoors through hiking or kayaking, maybe you’re exploring your creativity with painting or music, just know that you are a part of Women Who Explore.

So welcome! There is no membership fee to join us. Head over and find your local Facebook group, sign up for a weekend getaway or simply just say hi. We are so happy you found us!

Jenny MacNevin


Hi ladies! Welcome to our amazing community, Women Who Explore. We are so happy you are here. I’m Jenny, the bigger sissy to Lindsay. I am also a mom to a beautiful daughter.

As much as I would love to run Women Who Explore full-time alongside Lindsay, currently I work full time for an airline, and head up Women Who Explore on a part time basis.

We often get asked how we started this company and I would love to say we woke up with a grand idea one day, but realistically we found ourselves with literally no friends that wanted to explore the outdoors with us. After trying (and failing) to join some local groups, we decided that we would be more comfortable starting our own. After all, Lindsay and I have never been the best athletes, don’t have the best gear and frankly eat a lot of snacks while we are outdoors exploring.

We figured we must not be the only ones that feel a little intimidated by what was out there, so Women Who Explore was born. We never expected it to be where it is today and we are so thankful to YOU, yes YOU, for joining our community.

Our promise: to be inclusive to every women who wants to get into the outdoors, regardless of age, skill level, etc. We are so happy you are here!

Meet our Photographers



Ally is a passion fueled adventure seeker whose goal is to creatively tell stories about what motivates her to continue to seek new adventures and live a full life.

She dives in to work with brands to develop creative and innovative strategies that authentically pushes their vision and ideas out to the world through incredible content.
Through her personal work, Ally’s goal is to get people outside their comfort zone by inspiring curiosity and showing empathy via story telling and photography on her social channels.


Lee is a photographer for Women Who Explore, and is a passionate traveler who inspires women to explore the world.

An Australian native, she now resides in Calgary Alberta with her family. Passionate about the outdoors, Lee is constantly living the #womenwhoexplore brand and exploring the outdoors. A talented photographer she captures everything from wildlife to landscapes to people in the outdoors.

Lee encourages other women to pursue their dreams of seeing the world, and loves spreading the word about Women Who Explore everywhere she goes!