Adventures from Los Cabos

A view from my RZR tour

A view from my RZR tour


Los Cabos is the municipality of Mexico located at the southern end of the Baja California Peninsula. It is an area where desert meets the sea and the Gulf of California meets the Pacific Ocean. Where the land is covered in overall beauty from the turquoise watersto the red volcanic rock covered mountains. Unlike the row of all-inclusive resort covered beaches in other parts of Mexico, Los Cabos is different. Still not as developed as other tourist locations, Los Cabos has a unique combination of nightlife and art institutions, and activities that the whole family can love. With new development properties in the works, now is the time to visit this amazing place before it becomes to crowded with tourists.

On a recent trip to Los Cabos we stayed at the Secrets Resort in San Jose. San Jose is the side of town where you can experience more of the local flavor. From authentic Mexican cuisine, to beautiful art museums it was a different side to Cabo than you see during spring break movies. 

I only had five days in this paradise it was five days jam packed with exploring, adventure, and of course plenty of eating. Los Cabos has so much to see and do it can seem a little overwhelming and that is why I am here to help. I narrowed it down to the top 5 must do's if you are visiting beautiful Cabo! 

A visit to the Arch

A SUP ride to the Arch

A SUP ride to the Arch


The Arch of Los Cabos is a distinctive rock formation at the Southern tip of San Lucas. It is probably the most famous landmark in the area and a must see for anyone visiting. How you visit though is up to you. There are plenty of boat tours available, but in true explorer fashion I decided to try something a little different. I booked a stand-up paddle board tour with High Tide Sea Expeditions. The tour included both the paddle boarding and snorkeling at the Arch. A challenge indeed with the rough ocean waters, but it was worth the work. Being right on the water you really get close to the beautiful rock formation. Once I arrived at the Arch it was more stunning than any of the pictures made it out to be. With the sun beaming down, it lived up to its title as the Golden Arch.  Our tour gave us the opportunity to paddle right beside a family of sea lions that have made this area their home. I then had a chance to get in the water and mingle with the beautiful sea life. A sea of colour as the fish swam all around me. I highly suggest the SUP experience.

An Off-Road Sunset Ride

The view from the RZR tour

The view from the RZR tour


Los Cabos is famous for its environment and terrain with half of it consisting of desert and the other half beach. I decided to check out the best of both worlds via RZR during a sunset tour with Cactus ATV's. I had never been done any off-road driving before, but the guides made it very easy for any first timer scardy-cats like myself. It was beautiful to navigate through the plants and cacti and to breathe in the sea air from the open windows. We were even lucky enough to see a whale breach not far off the shore. I had always heard about the beautiful Los Cabos sunsets, and we were fortunate enough to experience this one on while riding along the waves. Truly a magical moment that anyone can enjoy.

Sip Beach Side in Luxury


Enjoy a drink with a view. Sure there are plenty of famous party spots like Cabo Wabo, but if you are looking for something a little more secluded than I have the answer. The Cape, A Thompson Hotel is the new hot spot in Los Cabos. A beautiful boutique hotel with amazing food and drink options. The hotel as a stunning rooftop patiothat over looks the ocean and welcomes some of the top DJ's from around the world. Any night at the Cape is guaranteed to be a one of a kind party. When you are up there order their famous live oysters or chocolate infused clams but I must warn you, they are addictive. With the beautiful view of the beach and Los Cabos San Lucas you will truly feel like you have left the real world and entered paradise.

A Swim with the Biggest Fish in the Sea


It has always been a dream of mine to swim with sharks, the only problem is I am petrified of them. When I heard that Cabo is home to friendly whale sharks, I knew this was my chance. Cabo Adventures guarantees you a face to face encounter with the friendly giants.  As the sun got up so did we to head out to La Pas, a quaint town with plenty of markets and sea side restaurants. We then hopped in a small boat and rode about 15 minutes before we slowed down. Giant brown spots appeared in the water below us, apparently the signs of whale sharks. How it works is you get on your snorkel gear and sit on the edge of the boat. When the guide tells you to jump, you better be ready. Once you dip into the murky water your heart starts beating a million times per second with anticipation. Out of nowhere this giant beautiful spotted 24-foot creature swims by. I literally froze in admiration. We had the chance to dive three times and all three times we were lucky enough to see a whale shark. I still have to pinch myself to believe it was real. A once in a life time experience.

Take in the Art

San Jose offers a different side to Cabo, a more cultural side. In fact not too far from our hotel was the Gallery District and on Thursday nights they offer art walks. From November until June Alvaro Obregon steet is shut down and only pedestrian traffic is allowed. With live painting and local artists lining the streets there is a beautiful combination of contemporary and traditional work. There was also traditional music, dancing, and stunning costumes. I was mesmerized. A quick stop into Mi Casa, an authentic restaurant with delicious margaritas and a quaint back patio completed the night. 

I have to say that Los Cabos exceeded my expectations. Between the beautiful terrain of mountains, desert, and beach, to the friendly people, and delicious authentic food I found it difficult to leave. If you love adventure, the great outdoors, relaxing on a beach, culture, and food then this is the place for you. A paradise that truly has something for everyone. I hope that you will also have a chance to take in their magical sunsets.