Why Patagonia....

                                                       Overlooking Mount Fitz Roy, Argentina

                                                       Overlooking Mount Fitz Roy, Argentina

Patagonia, you stole a lot from me; your deafening winds stole some of my hearing, your terrain stole a pair of my hiking leggings and some skin, your sun stole a dermis layer off my nose, but most importantly you stole a piece of my heart. Patagonia is an incredible place with vast landscapes and hiking opportunities in abundance. There is a reason it should be on every hiker's bucket list. This region is ruled by the elements, with incapacitating winds and mother nature's ability to shift unexpectedly giving you infinite weather patterns and unpredictability. If that isn't reason enough to visit, here’s why you should put Patagonia on the top of your adventure bucket list.. (if it isn’t already)



Mount Fitz Roy via Laguna de Los Tres; this vista was unquestionably my favorite pinnacle of Patagonia. The breathtaking topography integrated throughout this trail is exceptionally stunning. However, after fourteen days of hiking I woke up tired; my body…my mind.. Everything was exhausted. I actually contemplated how I would be able to move my body 30km. The first 4 km were formidable, my legs felt like lead. But something incredible happened, I reached a mirador and caught a glimpse of Mount Fitz Roy, that glimpse was enough to re-energize me. My body no longer felt tired, my legs felt lighter; it was a testament to how incredibly lucky I am to have a passion that has the ability to overpower exhaustion and sense of doubt. It is truly an amazing gift. The views of Fitz Roy were getting more dramatic and mesmerizing with each step. The last 1km of the trail had a 500 meter elevation gain, the views were worth every rock step up.. And there were a lot.



The Torres del Paine requires substantial planning in comparison to Mount Fitz Roy, campsites need to be reserved well in advance in order to hike this mountain range. I was continuously reminded by mother nature of her ability to unleash in full force. The weather showed no mercy throughout our trek, from blizzards to pouring rain in combination with the notorious high winds, this trek definitely requires a passion for mountainous adventure. The terrain in this region is absolutely stunning, especially when the weather cooperates. It was a humbling reminder that there is far more to hiking  and adventure than the vista- it's about the overall experience. Even when the rain turned to snow and the views were nil, Torres del Paine is undeniably majestic. The incalculable elements, Torres base, Glacier Grey and Valle del Frances definitely make this trek monumental.



Perito Moreno Glacier, a glacier located in the Los Glaciares National Park within Argentina. At 30 km long, 5 km wide, 60 meters above water and 170 meters below, there is a reason it is a UNESCO heritage site.  Every few minutes the glacier would calve, the sounds were incredibly clamorous.  Watching the ice falls is a truly spectacular vision.  There are few sights that compare to a glacier of this magnitude, you feel minuscule in comparison and find solace in its grandiose stature.


Craft Beer.. Enough said, right? because beautiful mountain ranges are always enhanced by delicious beer. Give me a stout, porter or some kind of dark ale while soaking up views of majestic mountains, and I am a happy girl. Patagonia is a craft beer paradise, with microbreweries around every corner.  The combination of meltwater from surrounding glaciers and locally infused flavor provides a crisp clean taste, giving beer from this region a distinct and savory taste.

The reasons why every vagabond should explore Patagonia are vast; from its unique topography to immersing yourself in ever-changing weather patterns. Patagonia is an adventure.

Hailey Mawer