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Expand Your Courage Boundaries: Why Women Need to Travel Alone

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Written by TiffanyW

Its 2016 and girl power is alive and strong.  As we thrive for equal rights and opportunities, we women need to travel.   When we travel, we expand our courage boundaries little by little.  Traveling women reflects our growing independence, our rise in power in the workplace and the shift from traditional roles of wives and mothers.

Travel equals education

The only way to learn about the world is to see it and experience it. Traveling takes us away from what is familiar and throws us into the deep ends of the unknown. It teaches us how to plan ahead, how to improvise, and how to solve problems.  The teachers are the people on the trains and buses, the 10 mile hikes to a waterfall and the crystal blue waters of melted glaciers.

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Travel encourages independence and grows confidence.

Traveling allows us to try new things, experiment and transform . We grow our confidence by pushing our selves outside of our daily routine and be come more aware self and culturally aware.  We become more independent because we do not our normal support systems as we travel. We learn to find our way by ourselves, we learn to carry heavier baggage by our selves and we learn to solve problems by ourselves. Confidence and independence go hand in hand. As we become more confident we become more independent. We gain confidence from experiences thus gaining independence.

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Traveling alone is relaxing

There will be no arguments about who wants to go where at what time. You can take your time and be a little selfish and visit and do things that are more important to you. Not everyone will thing that eating is more important than going to museums or want to walk two miles for iced coffee. When you travel alone, it is your trip on your time doing only the things you want to do. Our daily routine are surrounded by others, we do things because others like it, such as eating at a café only because it’s your mothers favorite and you love your mother. When you travel alone, the decisions you make and the places you go are for you and you can indulge in yourself.

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Travel teaches us about ourselves and help us become the person we want to be.

Traveling teaches us about ourselves, especially if you are traveling alone. You learn about who you are, what makes you happy and what your strengths and weaknesses are. Traveling refreshes our view on ourselves and where we come from and allows us to focus on becoming who we want to be. You can take what you learn from other cultures and apply it to your daily life. You come home with new skills, new points of views and new solutions. If you set out into the world with an open mind and eagerness to learn, there is not better teacher of love, tolerance and compassion.




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Growing up my father loved to visit national parks. We would spend our vacations filling our national park passports with stamps from the parks. As I grew up my love of traveling has only grown and so has the list of places that I want to visit. I’m a full time dentist and born again adventurer. Traveling has let me find myself again through adventure and misadventures.

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