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Let’s Do This Together #MeToo

Written by Jen Cox

It’s not easy to be a woman in 2017.  The perceived pressures and expectations that we can feel on a daily basis can be overwhelming.  Whether juggling careers, marriage, motherhood, fitness and health, Pinterest goals, a woman can find herself drowning in doing it all.  Sadly, women are not always there cheering each other on.  In fact, some women only make life more complex by creating competition and gossip.  Isn’t there a better way?

What I love about Women Who Explore, the idea of supporting one another is the core purpose of this website.  Women who are willing to open themselves up by words and photos to say, “This is who I am beyond a perfect capture.”  Women sharing their knowledge, their expertise,  and their adventures.  My only hope is more and more women can join this tribe and discover they have support for exactly who they are in the come-as-you-are atmosphere.

I recently went to a women’s conference and our theme was “Me Too”.  Women opened their hearts and shared areas of themselves that often are not discussed.  From miscarriages, body image issues, to struggles with family relationships and grieving losses, women opened up. Every one at the conference was able to identify with at least one woman, if not more, and given the opportunity to say, “Me too”.  So often, we want to appear having it all together, but this was a beautiful opportunity to not deal with life in isolation.

I would love for this movement to extend beyond a weekend conference.  It’s my hope for women to adopt this #MeToo mantra and to live it out daily in support of other women.  One of the ways I deal with life, pressure, stress is by being outdoors and capturing the outdoors with photography.  I was recently able to visit a friend, and the entire week was filled with hiking, exploring the outdoors, laughing, telling stories, and saying “Me too” often as we caught up with each other’s lives.  Similar to photos with reflections, it’s the mirroring of life together with another friend that makes exploring all the more sweeter.

Are there any women in your life right now that may need to hear #MeToo with something they are walking through?  Let’s grab the hand of those around us, and whether hiking or walking through life, let’s do it together.



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