An Extreme Quadbiking Experience in South Africa

On a recent trip to the magnificent Sun City Resort in South Africa with the parents, we decided a bit of family bonding was necessary and so went out to hunt for an adrenaline rush that everyone could enjoy. That is how we landed up at Adrenaline Extreme‘s adventure hub with a host of activities to choose from. We curiously eyed out some large metal poles that stuck out vertically into the air while the guide explained that this was actually a human slingshot. Giving the yellow contraption a miss we watched the laughing guides as they took the drift trikes out for a sping, careening and spinning along the track only to handbrake turn like pros at the finish line. With each activity looking more enjoyable than the next, eventually we decided on a quad bike adventure, it being something even the folks would enjoy.


After an efficient safety briefing, we enjoyed a leisurely bumble into the bush and along the dirt track to give everyone a feel for the vehicle. The dust coated our eyelashes and our hair as we flew along without a care in the world. Round the corner and it was into the sand pit where we enjoyed a bit of wheel spinning and ever more laughter learning how to control the quads at speed. And then it was on to the real adventure because the quad bike course at Adrenaline Extreme is not your normal trail, it is full of exciting obstacles to overcome. The first one being a tyre pit. With my husband and father sailing through like pros, I was up for the challenge. However, my cautious nature was my downfall as I slowly sank into the tyres. A bit of revving from me and a push from the guide and I took the extreme road out, up and over the tyre wall, my quadbike listing to the side and a look of terror on the face of my mother as she watched from the sidelines.


But that was just the beginning, a small seesaw and a few sand speedbumps were up next before arriving at a wooden bridge that twisted and turned. The enthusiastic guide explained how to navigate the obstacle, aptly named “The Twister”, before stapping on ropes to our quads so that he could counteract our movement if necessary, providing a comforting level of safety. A few squeals and screams later and it was on to the next one – a verticle wall that looked imposing, to say the least. However, at this stage, the adrenaline was kicking in and the wall proved no challenge to any of us. However, we didn’t know what lay waiting around the next bend! While we may have glimpsed the red see saw on arrival, I can assure you that none of us had any idea we would be riding over it.


With trepidation, we watched as our guide explained how to drive up the see saw until it reaches the tipping point. When the see saw starts to turn, your quad is at the point of no return, and it is then that you slam on breaks and shift yourself back in your seat. My husband was up and over with only a few extra revs, my father accomplished it with not so much grace and then it was my turn. Facing up into the sky, I drove my quad vertically until I couldn’t even see the end of the see saw over the front of the quad. Thinking I was going to drive clean off the edge and that there was something wrong with the thing, suddenly I felt the back give way and I knew I had reached the apex. Then all of a sudden I was up and over and greeted by high fives and smiles all round!


With smiles of delight stapped to our faces we dismounted our bikes and went in search of another adventure wondering if anything could possibly compare to the quadbike experience like no other!


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