Women Who Explore is always looking for great women to add to our roster!

We admire everything you bring to the table. We are looking for women who are about empowering and inspiring one another, and available for advice, insight, and help on the things they love to do the most!

We are on the great hunt for travelers to tell stories and provide traveling tips, adventure women to can provide feed back on gear, packing lists, and of course those awesome or crazy adventure stories, and even women who are inspired by health, nutrition and yoga to provide health tips, poses, and more! We want you to be on our team, and work with us.

1. Tell us about yourself! Where you are from, what you do, what inspires you. What can you bring to Women Who Explore?

2. Provide your social media links so we can peak at your work along with your favourite picture of you in action!

3. What activity do you fall under? Hiking, running, yoga, photography, traveller, etc.