Entrepreneurship is Lonely. Lonely AF


I went in knowing nothing. I didn’t take the time to vet the companies that were putting this on, I didn’t even take the time to look at who else was attending. All I knew was that I was drowning, and I wanted…no make that needed, to meet other people that were drowning.

Being an entrepreneur is lonely. Lonely as fuck. It starts off as this great excitement, this amazing thing, this empowering moment of your life when you tell the man to stick it and you decide that this is your life, your rules. You dream of only working 20 hours a week, being your own boss, answering to no one, making your own hours and basking in the money that falls from the sky (wait…maybe that last one is just how I think).

I was invited to Surge by Venone PR and 3c Consulting, a conference that promised to introduce me to other “social influencers” like me, I put that in quotes because to myself I am no influencer. I am simply one person trying to make a difference. I pondered for a few minutes, maybe hours as to why I would be considered a person of influence. Let’s real talk for a minute. I am 33 years old, I have held at least 24 jobs over the past 17 years, I don’t own a house, I drive a Volkswagen Jetta, I have two kids…wait make that 3 kids, I am a chaotic mess, constantly spilling my coffee on my shirt (ask my boyfriend its true) and I still believe my parents WISHED I married a doctor. Social Influencer….I don’t think so. Free trip to Mexico….yes please.

This is what I thought I would be doing the whole time……..

Photo courtesy of Boudoir By Chee

I want to say I didn’t do it for the free trip. I want to say I looked at the list of attendees and was so blown away at the amount of talent that I just HAD to go. But the reality is, that didn’t happen. I needed a break. I needed sunshine and pool time and frankly I wanted to meet someone else, besides me, who also feels like it’s freaking impossibly hard to make it on your own.

The definition of surge is a sudden powerful forward or upward movement, especially by a crowd or by a natural force such as the tide, fitting for this conference as it brought together some of the most interesting and motivated people I have met in my life. Mom and Dad bloggers who have MILLIONS of followers and fans (seriously millions), travel bloggers and writers, TV and radio personalities, influencers of all sorts and movement starters. Wait….what was I doing there again?

The organizers of the conference wanted one thing from all of us, to see what would happen when they brought us all together. Sounds a little fishy right…..I mean I thought I might have to buy a timeshare or something (spoiler alert…no timeshare was bought). Genuinely though, they wanted to see what “magic” would happen when a bunch of motivated, kick ass people got together in one place and had a space to share ideas, stories, failures, wins and more.

So what did we do all week?

Well, I leaned how to play pickle ball at Tres Palapas Pickleball Resort, yes there is a pickleball resort in Mexico. And by learn I mean I failed miserably with my new friend Mike of Papa Does Preach The pictures prove it. This was the only point we got the entire time. Photo courtesy of Boudoir By Chee

I did Yoga. Well, I tried to do Yoga. Turns out that might not be my sport. A lot of laughing at myself, not a lot of relaxing and maybe, just maybe a few too many cocktails before Yoga. Huge thanks to the ever so patient Tehroma Lask who was the most patient Yoga teacher i’ve ever met.

Photo courtesy of Boudoir By Chee

I cried. And laughed. And cried again. I listened to these incredible people beat themselves up for not having more engagement, for not growing fast enough, for not knowing what the right thing to do is all the time when you are building a brand. I learned. Oh gawd I learned so much. I learned that we often undervalue ourselves, we don’t think enough of what we are doing and frankly we are way to hard on ourselves and each other. I learned what I want Women Who Explore to become, how to make that happen and how to stay true to ourselves while getting there. I learned that we are building a community, a pretty freaking awesome one. I learned that sometimes we have to give ourselves a break. And I watched as strangers became friends, friends became family and a community was formed. One that I was a part of.

Lindsay Lois, founder of Hot Mama Health & Fitness and Me (aka Lindsay) #teamlindsay Photo courtesy of Boudoir By Chee .

There was ATV’ing, snorkelling, cocktails, more cocktails, amazing food, awesome swag, and a beautiful hotel in a tiny fishing village. But it wasn’t all of those things that made this week so special, it was the people I got to meet.

To the entrepreneur who thinks they aren’t doing enough, you are. To the mom who thinks you’ve screwed up your kids, you haven’t. To the dad who struggles with mental health, you are stronger than you know. To the millennials who have no idea what they want to do with their lives, it’s okay you will figure it out. To the women who feel they aren’t good enough, you are.

Photo courtesy of Boudoir By Chee

A huge thank you to the following people/brands who made this week possible.

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I love your writing style, Lindsay!

I love your honest look at imposter syndrome. I’m sure a lot of us can relate! Sounds like a great opportunity came your way and you were brave enough to say yes!

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