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Many of you may have heard of the expression “Collect moments not things”, yet in this busy day and age it seems nearly impossible to do just that. Do you sometimes find yourself scrambling for the perfect gift for you partner, best friend, or loved one? Experiences are the new trend and we have suggestions to help.

Epic Experiences

Between work and deadlines, it can be difficult to find time for yourself. That is how I came up with the idea of the online platform, Epic Experiences. My goal was to make sure people had the opportunity to give unique personal gifts and experiences. While material gifts can be nice, it is the experiences that are last a lifetime. A chance to try new activities, learn new things, explore new places, and have fun creating memories.

Nowadays, life is becoming more overwhelming. In these busy times, we sometimes get stuck in a whirlpool of chores and work on a daily basis. We barely have time for ourselves to take a moment and share time with loved ones. It seems nearly impossible to unplug and have fun.

I wanted to make sure people have a chance to step away from their busy lives and create memorable moments. A chance to take time to cross something off of your bucket list.

Here are some fun activities you can do for your own leisure or surprise someone special with a bucket list experience that are all across Canada.


Downward Goat Yoga

Downward Goat Yoga
Downward Goat Yoga


This goat yoga trend is becoming very popular in North America. You can participate in your own goat yoga through a class in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan at Downward Goat Yoga. This class allows you to connect with your body, nature, animals (particularly goats) through yoga. Goat yoga is relaxing and fun all at the same time and is available May through September.


Edmonton Brewery Tour


Winters in Edmonton can be pretty chilly. Good thing this city has some of the trendiest breweries to help keep you warm. We offer a guided tour of some of these hot spots on Saturday. Bring your bestie and cheers to some great times on the Edmonton Brewery Tour. You will have a chance to try some delicious beers, enjoy tasty food, and learn more about the brewing process. This is a unique gift opportunity combined with entertainment and is available year-round.


Superfly Zipline

Superfly Ziplines
Superfly Ziplines

Get your adrenaline flowing like never before by zipping down the longest tandem ziplines in Canada at Superfly Ziplines. Reaching speeds, up to 100 km/hour, you will fly through the British Columbia’s back country. This is a must-do-activity in Whistler and what better way to enjoy the breath-taking views of the beautiful Whistler terrain.   This experience is available year-round.


Macaron Baking Class

French Macaron

A tasty and hands on experience. Try your hand at making yummy French macarons. Epic Experiences offer’s a 101 baking class for macarons. You will learn correct macaronage techniques along with tips and tricks to getting the perfect shell. Enjoy cooking in a fun atmosphere with a small group and have the pleasure of taking your own delicious macarons home.


Take Home Memories

No matter what epic activity suits you, let this be a reminder to take the time to enjoy life and the experiences it has to offer. A reminder to not let your busy schedule get in the way of making life long memories.

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