Exploring via City Transit

Exploring with city transit is a lot easier than one might think! I have never owned a car and have always relied on city transit, friends or the occasional cab to get around and explore. Here are a few tips I have acquired over the years,

First things first, plan ahead.

Check bus routes for getting to location and getting back home.

You can also download real time transit apps, most cities have these and they work great! The only downside to apps is they use data, so if you do not have a lot I suggest taking a note about the bus times! Also before your venture out make sure you have bus tickets or bus a pass already purchased!

Secondly, arrive to the stops early!

You don’t want to miss you ride, so make sure you are on time! I usually try to be about 3 minutes early, just in case! Too many times I have tried running to the next bus stop or got stuck waiting another 30+minutes for the next bus.

Thirdly, enjoy the ride!

Sit back and relax, not having to drive gives you the opportunity to read a book, listen to a podcast, knit, chat with a friend or just hang out! I love the stress-free journey of getting to a new place to explore. Also, don’t forget to pack your favourite snacks and water, my favourite energy booster is banana with peanut butter!

A couple of places I have explored around the Halifax Regional Municipality by Transit are:

Sir Sanford Fleming Park- Bus runs every hour

The Dingle Tower at Sir Sanford Fleming Park.

Long Lake Provincial Park- Bus runs every 30 minutes

A January sunset at Long Lake Provincial Park.

Hemlock Ravine Park- Bus runs every 30 minutes

Beautiful hemlocks at Hemlock Ravine Park.

Another great way to get out an explore is to find local groups that take trips with city transit! Halifax has a group called Trips by Transit. They travel around to beautiful areas using city buses.

Long Lake Provincial Park after some snowfall.

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