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Three Gals, Two National Parks, One Weekend

Written by AmberD

Spring hasn’t fully sprung in the Rockies so some friends and I decided to make the most of it. I think it’s so important to make sure to take weekends to play tourist in your own backyard – especially if there are multiple national parks in your backyard.

I live in Calgary and my backyard includes a few national parks and I know that I am so damn lucky.

Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to make my way to Emerald Lake Lodge twice for no other reason than to relax, indulge, and soak in some mountain-time in a place with zero cell phone reception. The last time I was there was earlier this month, where I got to hang out with two amazing gals on a quick 2 day road trip through Banff to Yoho National Park.

A frosty Lake Louise

After the obligatory Starbucks run (okay fine, Starbucks for the A and S…. and an Egg McMuffin for me)  and hitting some extremely dicey road conditions (S captained the vehicle like a god damned champ) we headed west and stopped in Lake Louise.  Our views were limited because the day was snowy and blowy, but even in those conditions, it was beautiful – let’s admit it, the place is super touristy for a reason.  After a quick bop around the lake (and me getting crusty at a drone – sure they take super cool shots, but they are so loud  *end rant*) we headed back down the road and stopped at the The Station for what I say is the best darn caesar in Lake Louise and some deliciousness.

Onward to Yoho! We stopped at Natural Bridge for a quick photo sesh and this is the first time I had been there in winter. It took quite a bit of team work (we weren’t in optimal footwear…) to make it down to the water but being under that bridge and looking up is pretty surreal. The textures somehow convey some kind of understanding on how long it took for this bridge to form – such cool place and its parking lot is right off the highway and really accessible, even for just a quick peek.

Ash looking straight sassy

Finally Emerald Lake! The place is surrounded by trails and pathways and no matter what direction you look you’ll see a stunning view.  Quick summary of our 24 hours there…. Snowshoes, craft beer, wine, food, hot tubs, fireplaces, giggle fits at dinner and mountains. Life is pretty good.

The Snowshoe Stomp

Johnston Canyon ice climber

A quick stop at Johnston’s Canyon and a trip to the Not-So-Secret Cave and we were en route home!

Not so secret cave!

A whirlwind weekend? Definitely. Worth it? Absolutely.




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