FITS Socks

Review: FITS Socks


Written by Lindsay

I am OBSESSED with socks. Truly obsessed. In fact I spend more money on socks each year than pants. That’s how much I love them. This also means I am downright particular about my socks. Although I will try many different socks, I tend to stick with my favorite brands day after day.

I was excited to try out FITS Socks as they promise the perfect fit for my feet. Nothing annoys me more than when my socks falls down past my heel and it’s halfway off in my boot. FITS promised me that this will never happen. Also, their colors and patterns got me excited.

I’ve gotten the chance to really give these socks the run through the past few months and have tried a slew of different ones including the light hiker, rugged hiker, medium hiker, light runner and casual. Unfortunately the Mountaineer (the one I really really want to try) isn’t available quite yet.

All of these socks held up to the promise of fitting properly, my toes sit in the right place, the heel is snug and there is no chance of them slipping off. The coushion under the foot is a nice touch, as is the extra padding in the heel, toe and arch.

They also held up to my sweaty feet, whisking away moisture and making it way more comfortable than other non hiking/running socks. In terms of warmth, I am not sure I would wear any of the ones I have tried in the winter, as they just aren’t warm enough but would love to hear from you if you have tried the skiing specific ones and the new mountaineer ones!

FITS Socks, fun, cute and definitely held up to their promises! Find them here.