Buff Knitted Collection

Review: Buff Knitted Collection


Written by Lindsay

Constantly I am spotted in my Buff gear, whether it’s my bright pink headband that I wear around the house because I can’t be bothered to do my hair, my numerous UV buffs I wear in the summer or my original buffs I wear in the winter. But this winter Buff one upped themselves in my opinion with their new knitted collection.

Not only are these hats and neckwarmers in this collection adorable and come in countless colors and patterns, they are also lined with polar fleece making them super warm! So far its December and I have worn mine more times than I can count, from the summit of the mountain to the grocery store.

Personally I love the Savva Grey ones as they go with everything and the hat has an adorable pom pom on the top. So warm, so cozy and so fashionable. What else do you need?