Hillsound Trail Crampon

Review: Hillsound Trail Crampon


Written by Lindsay

As much as I love watching the snow fall gently from the sky from my living room, there is something inside me that yearns to get outside during the cold seasons. I often find the time before snowshoes are necessary the hardest to get out hiking. That is before I discovered Hillsound Trail Crampons. 

Designed to add stability to my hiking boots, these crampons were a welcome relief to the cheap ones I have often purchased in the past, only to have them fall apart later. Designed with an ergonomic plate system these crampons actually keep the spikes at the outside of my boot and prevent them from sliding around. The spikes are 1.5cm allowing them to really dig into the ice and snow which helps me keep my clumsy self upright.

They also come with a little bag which keeps them safe in my backpack while I still approach the tougher stuff and then they slip over my boots in two minutes. The ease of getting them on is a major bonus in the cold weather!

Seriously these crampons are my favorite and Hillsound is a solid, reputable and amazing company. To read more about them and purchase a pair, click here.