Jackson Pine Hammock

Review: Jackson Pine Hammock


Written by L & J

Life is better with a hammock. Seriously though. Living in an area where it is cold ALOT though can make it difficult, as taking my mitts off to string up a hammock isn’t my first priority.

Luckily Jackson Pine makes an awesome easy set up hammock complete with straps that literally weighs less than 3 pounds. And I don’t have to take my mitts off to set it up. Why we love these hammocks:

  • Easy set up, no fuss, straps and caribaners plus the hammock. Two trees. That’s all you need
  • Light and easy to carry up the mountains
  • DOUBLE- which menas for some people they can share, or like myself you can stretch out
  • Awesome colors. Including purple, my favorite
  • Fast shipping and great customer service
  • Awesome motto: Live life to the fullest

We could talk about the health benefits of hammocks, our favorite spots to set it up or we could give you the link so you can purchase one yourself and discover why we love these epic hammocks.

Find them at https://www.jacksonpine.com/