KEEN Fremont Lace Boot

Review: KEEN Fremont Lace Boot

Written by L & J

The KEEN Fremont Lace Boot is officially my favourite boot I have ever owned. I don’t say that lightly as I look to my shoe rack and see not 3 or 4 pairs of boots but more like 15-20. Hi, my name is Lindsay and I have a deep obsession with boots.

But seriously back to this rad boot. First up, it’s adorable. I ordered mine in the Whisky colour and am so happy with it, but I also think it’s just as cute in the other colours. Secondly, it’s warm! My toes are constantly freezing all the time but voila, this boot keeps them toasty on the coldest of days. And trust me, it’s cold as heck here. Like -25 cold and these keep my feet warm, with only one pair of socks. Seriously impressive.

Wait for it, they also feature seam-sealed waterproofing and water resistant full-grain leather. I am not sure I would go snowshoeing in them (but maybe), but I have trekked through the snow without feeling any wetness.

They also lace up, which is a nice touch to make them as tight or lose as you want and they don’t weigh a ton, which I find a lot of winter boots do. I found they fit true to size although when I first put them on they felt a little snug width wise. Once I wore them for a few hours though they had adjusted to my feet. I suggest if you get them and they feel snug, wear them around the house for a bit before exchanging for a bigger size. Personally I love these boots and highly recommend them for your winter boot choice.

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