Patagonia Onesie AKA The Super Onesie!

Review: Patagonia ONESIE or as they call it The Women’s Capilene® Thermal Weight One-Piece Suit



Written by Lindsay

My obsession with onesies is real. So real that I actually sit around in them and work from home. Imagine my excitement when I found a base-layer onesie, one that I could not only rock around in my house with but could also wear when I get outside? Yes please!

First up, I ordered it in purple, my favorite color and it arrived in a mere 2 days, even more excitement. I was super happy to feel how light it was as I wanted to test it out under both my lighter jackets and heavier ones. I figured I would throw it right into the harsh conditions and first wore it out for a hike in -25 degree weather. Brrrr. But wait, I wasn’t actually cold. In fact the hike was a teensy bit harder than I might have imagined and I was sweating. But wait, my body wasn’t sweating, just my head was (in hindsight, should have put the hood up of my onesie).

True to it’s claims this onesie not only kept me warm but also wicked away my sweat keeping me dry. According to the website the fabric of this piece is Polartec® Power Grid™ fabric (with Polygiene® permanent odor control) which is both breathable and moisture wicking as well as allows for warmth.

I appreciate the ease of movement I get when wearing this onesie, instead of it pulling at awkward places, it stretches with my body and I LOVE the fact I never have to worry about cold air getting in. The zipper around the back hatch isn’t noticeable, even when wearing a backpack but is key to the piece.

I honestly couldn’t believe that time after time this piece keeps me so warm, despite being so light and I have tested it out a lot (including wearing it to the mailbox). Super recommend this piece if you are looking for an awesome base-layer!

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