TSl Symbioz Snow Shoe

Review: TSI Symbioz Snow Shoe


Written by Lindsay

These hyper flex unique snowshoe with an ergonomic binding are some of my favorites! The Symbioz is a hyperflex composite snowshoe designed for comfort, ease of access and traction like no other. Unlike other snowshoes that have little flex, the Symbioz offers a fully flexible deck allowing maximum contact with the terrain. The rows of sharp “teeth” underneath allow the user to dig in to any icy conditions and really maximize the potential of exploring different surfaces. The binding may be perhaps the most impressive feature on this snowshoe. It slides shorter or longer to fit your exact foot length, has a memory lock toe and the front and back holds are built on a ratchet system, which allows for complete lock in of your boot.

Along with an ankle wrap and designed to distribute your weight along the whole binding, you will find yourself spending hours in these without having to adjust them. A unique feature on this shoe is the heel lock that actually pulls down from the binding instead of pulling up from the deck. This small but important details makes it that much easier to use the heel lock while you are on the go–one downward push of your pole activates the heel lift. The lightness of the shoes, the incredible grip and the fact that it feels more like a natural extension of your foot rather than a separate shoe is what makes this product so unique.

I had the opportunity to take these snowshoes out a lot the past winter and they traveled with me across the country to Oregon. Not only are these snowshoes comfortable but they are easy to get on.  These are the most flexible snowshoes I have ever worn and one of my favorite. Find them here.