Pacsafe Citysafe Cross-body Purse

The Pacsafe brand came recommended to me from a friend who had a much larger version, but I found this Citysafe cross-body purse to be just right for busy cities renowned for pickpockets. Don’t be deceived by its size – this tiny bag just big enough to fit a phone, keys, cards and a few notes packs one hell of a punch on the security scale:

  • the material contains a mesh to prevent thieves slashing your bag to steal the contents
  • locking hooks hold the straps tight to your bag or you can loop and lock to your belt or another bag for extra security – no more grab-and-runs! I even locked it to the main zip so no-one can unzip and reach in
  • inside the main pouch is a built-in hook and keyring to fasten your keys or wallet to the bag so even if someone does get that far, they can’t lift anything anyway
  • RFID blocking material also prevents electronic theft – identity thieves now have the tech to scan your bag for credit card and passport details without ever having to touch it – scary stuff!

So now you know this little purse will keep your valuables safe, what about aesthetics, comfort and practicability? Well, the straps are adjustable or can be removed with the purse held instead to your waist with a belt loop. Either way, I find it comfortable to wear even out of the city – I use it as my ‘short hike’ bag when I want my valuables with me but don’t need a rucksack or want to take a handbag. It also comes in three colours for those who like to coordinate their outfits.

This Citysafe cross-body purse was a lifesaver in the busy cities of Europe, allowing me to be hands-free and confident in it’s security, and I continue to use it back home. But for those of you with those big wallet purses – yes, you! – maybe just take out what you need as the whole thing really won’t fit!

You can find this bag at and more sizes and styles at or use and search for Pacsafe.

Helen Shelvey