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Best of the West: 7 Drool Worthy Photos of Women Exploring British Columbia

Written by L & J

British Columbia is one of the most picturesque provinces in Canada. Considering Canada was voted the top place to visit in 2017, we thought we would show you a few reasons why it stands out. What’s even more awesome, there are a slew of women who are killing it in both the exploring and photography world out here! These 7 Women Who Explore are incredibly talented, both behind and in front of the cameras.

7. Xiru (@vegapondpaws) tackles mountains, plays in the snow and loves to jump in the water. Here she is at Twin Falls taking the plunge!

6. Rhea (@yourgirlroo) loves to get out and make the most of her days exploring this rad province! Luckily (@au5um) was on hand to snap this incredible photo of her at Lake Lovely Water, Tantalus Provincial Park

5. Angela (@angelaliggs) is a summit queen conquering the mountains in winter and summer, as well as finding time to relax in her hammock.

This place blew me away ?

A photo posted by Angela Liguori (@angelaliggs) on

4. Errin (@errincasa) is #allaboutadventures all the time, capturing some of BC’s best!

3. Lana (@lanajankovic) can be found climbing mountains and jumping into freezing cold glacier lakes, as well as discovering some of the best parts of BC (photo credit to @allypintucci)

2. Alisha (@alisha_cowderoy) can be found playing in the woods, snapping amazing photos and crushing life on top of St. Mark’s Summit here.

BC, you’re pretty great ??

A photo posted by Alisha Cowderoy (@alisha_cowderoy) on

1. It’s hard to catch Ally (@allypintucci) in front of the camera because she’s so damn talented at being behind it. Here’s a sneak peak of what she does best, taking incredible photos of incredible people in incredible places (photo credit @deshoots)



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