5 Foods to Fuel Your Adventure!


Photograph by Alex Crossland

Whether it's a day hike or a backpacking trip, keeping your nutrition in check should always be a priority.  If you’re wondering how much food you should take with you, having a little extra is always better than running out.  The weight of the food, taste, ease of preparation, and nutrition are all important factors when choosing what snacks to keep in your pack!



Photograph by Stephanie Lodge

1. RX Bars

While most energy bars claim to be ‘healthy’, many rarely are.  RX Bars provide their consumers with energy and protein without any fillers or flow agents found in many other brands.  The main ingredients of RX Bars include egg whites, dates, nuts, cocoa, cocao, spices and other natural flavors.  Along with being a convenient choice to pack with you, they are also found in most grocery stores in case you need to make a quick stop before you hit the trail head.


2. Dried Fruit

Different kinds of dried fruits are perfect when snacking on an adventure.  While fruits are always a good option, unless you have a way to keep them cold and fresh, most of them will not last as long as you need them to.  Dried fruits give you the option of having your favorite fruit whenever you want without having to worry about whether they’ll go bad or not. Most grocery stores have dried fruits in their produce section.  

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Photograph Stephanie Lodge

3. Jerky

Jerky provides hikers and backpackers with an important macronutrient that can be overlooked among the high carb snacks, protein.  Whether your body is accustomed to trekking up hills and maintaining a productive pace or not, it needs protein to recover from vigorous activity.  Along with protein, jerky also has a relatively high fat content.  Although the term ‘fat’ has been vilified and put in a negative light, in reality our bodies need fat for proper hormone function and to reduce inflammation.  


4.  Almonds & Other Nuts

 Almonds are a perfect snack to grab before heading out the door as they are convenient and high in calories to provide you with energy throughout your trip! Some of the benefits of this nut include helping prevent heart disease, supporting brain function, maintaining skin health, preventing diabetes, helping weight loss, increasing digestive health, increasing nutrient absorption, fighting inflammation and helping with bone health.



5. Pumpkin Seeds

 Pumpkin seeds are easy to pack, light weight, and have high nutritional value.  Pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil are responsible for reducing inflammation, helping maintain a healthy prostate, improving memory, increasing heart health and treating diabetes.

 The most important thing to remember is - water!  Keep this list in mind the next time you plan an adventure.  Pack accordingly to remain hydrated and nourished for your full days of activity and enjoy!

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