For the Love of the Trees: Tackling Climate Change with TreeEra

“Together we will plant 1 billion trees.”

A simple statement, however one that packs a serious punch when it comes to tackling the ever-present issue of climate change. This mission statement from TreeEra, an organization co-founded by Calgary musician Michael Bernard Fitzgerald and Ryan Heal, comes at a time of increasing uncertainty over the fate of the natural resources our world seems to make a habit of taking advantage of. What’s more, it calls to those of us sharing such concerns to take a simple step towards a brighter – and cleaner – future.

Recently I was able to connect with the team behind TreeEra and I was instantly hooked on the simple and hopeful vision behind the brand. I had been keen to find out more about what the organization had to offer when I first connected with them on Instagram, and after a ten-minute conversation with both Ryan and Michael, I was hooked on the idea. All I could think was “I need to be a part of this somehow”.

Walking into the TreeEra headquarters can only be compared to climbing into a treehouse for grownups. The spiral stairs lead up to a loft space filled with natural light and bustling with creativity. It’s here where everything comes together – anyone could instantaneously feel that the room is brimming with positivity. I sat down with Ryan and community manager Melissa Fellows to find out what exactly TreeEra is all about, as well as what it could do for the future of environmental sustainability. Being that the company is only a few months old, it would be fair to assume that it might take a bit of time to fully get off the ground. However TreeEra’s multi-faceted approach attempts to reach past certain barriers and appeal directly to a mass demographic of individuals wanting to create a positive impact within the world we live in.

“I think there’s a lot of negative rhetoric around (climate change). For me it looks like this: there are ten percent of people on the left side of the argument, ten percent on the right who don’t believe climate change exists, and then there are the eighty percent in the middle who just don’t really know what to do” Heal states.

The mission behind the name is simple: to plant as many trees as possible. Describing themselves as “A Canadian-based company devoted to social and environmental change,” TreeEra provides a beacon of light for those seeking a solution to the helplessness many of us feel towards climate change. “When people are faced with an issue that feels so far removed from them, we hope to create a tangible solution that we feel everyone can latch on to” Heal explained. “Our job is not to be politicians. The one thing we can agree on is that planting trees is a good thing.” A concept in which Ryan and Michael believe is imperative to combatting the negative rhetoric that has become so prevalent around the topic of climate change.

TreeEra describes itself as a lifestyle brand, forging collaborations with local Albertan companies such as Camp Brand Goods and Meraki Supply co – eventually looking to branch out globally into additional retail locations, communities and businesses. The theme of inclusivity within the background of the brand creates a welcoming platform open to anyone wishing to promote a simple method of environmental sustainability.

“Overall, strategies to get there can vary, but the vision is to create a community devoted to planting trees.” At the moment, TreeEra promotes its subscription platform throughout multiple local retail partnerships, offering such options as monthly contributions towards reforestation, or giving the gift of new trees to loved ones. Through methods such as these, TreeEra hopes to appeal to anyone and everyone wanting to offset their own carbon footprint and make an impact towards the issue of climate change as a whole.

With social responsibility at the forefront of the brand, TreeEra also looks to educate and collaborate with businesses seeking to take crucial steps forward towards a more sustainable future. “Our job is not to be politicians,” Heal explains. “We don’t want to tell corporations what to do, we just want them to plant trees. The only thing we need to agree upon is that planting trees is a good thing.” By introducing TreeEra for Enterprise, the hope is to provide an outlet for larger businesses and corporations to take on greener initiatives without pressure to completely overhaul current business practices. The brand argues that by allowing TreeEra to be as accessible as possible – regardless of political point of view, lifestyle, or corporate agenda – the notion of creating a greener future becomes much more attainable.

TreeEra was forged to steer the conversation of climate change in a positive direction. Creating a community devoted to continually preserving our natural resources by remaining inclusive to everyone, this new company instills a mission that anybody can get behind. Whether you’re all in towards combatting the effects of climate change, or simply looking to offset your own carbon footprint by allowing a few trees to be planted in your name, TreeEra is there to turn helplessness into action.

To learn more about TreeEra, visit their website at or check out one of their many social media pages to stay connected, informed and caught up with developments relating to climate change, as well how YOU can get involved in making a difference, one tree at a time.

Noelle Jones