Multi-day Hike Training – Are You Prepared?

Preparing for your first (or next) multi-day hike shouldn’t feel daunting! It could be that you want to hike a national park or simply spend the weekend on a local trail. Preparation and planning are crucial fundamentals for your next adventure. Your well being is more important than anything when setting off on your hike and it is important to ensure you have the proper food, equipment, and supplies to contribute to your positive experience.

multi-day hike training

Once you feel as though you are prepared and your hike is planned out, you may be interested in completing some training. Often, we try and take on too much at once and this can lead to injury and a miserable time. You don’t need to go crazy with the training but with these tips below you can fast track your hiking skills and feel 110% adequate before taking those steps on your next multi-day hike.


This is an example of a weekly training routine that you can complete in preparation for your next multi-day hike:

multi-day hike trainingDay one

One long and hilly hike.

Day two

One shorter and faster hike.

Day three

Running/bike/Stairmaster/uphill treadmill.

Day four

Resistance training. (examples pictured)

Day five

Resistance training. (examples pictured)

Remember to rest and allow your body time to recover.




As this advice covers all that you need when it comes to training and preparing for your next multi-day hike, now may be a good time to consider what to wear. Read about the best gear from head-to-toe to wear on your next journey.

Wouldn’t it feel nice on your next multi-day hike to see nature up close and personal, create memories that last a lifetime and connect with other like-minded people on the same adventure? Hopefully, these training tips were helpful and you feel more prepared to tackle your first (or next) multi-day hike.

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