Across the Interstate: Beauty in Unexpected Places in the Dominican Republic

When we moved to the Dominican Republic, I knew there would be a lot to take in. I was excited to see so many of the natural parks that have been preserved, and the cool beaches at every turn. The mountains in the middle and the coast on almost every side, the Dominican Republic is certainly a place worth exploring! 


One of my favorite sites to see in this country, though, is about 20 minutes down the interstate from our condo. Passing it by, you wouldn’t know it even exists. Thankfully, one of our friends showed us this little gem and we couldn’t wait to share it with friends. Packed behind a few rows of trees on the side of the interstate is the most beautiful cliff-jumping spot you could ever find. 


To get to this location, parking must be done at the other side of the highway. Then, you must cross on foot. This is not a task for the un-adventurous as it is similar to playing a game of Frogger ;). After crossing the interstate, the next stage is hiking through the trees. There is a large amount of uneven ground, but all of it is worth it once you see the view. 



There are several different places to jump from, including the highest point seen in the photos, which is about 45 feet above water! There is also a little wade pool which looks beautiful but could prove dangerous because of the large amount of sea anemones. Unless there is a storm, the waves are usually quite mild, but watch out because if the sea is choppy, it can make for a difficult time getting out of the water! 

Completely natural and untouched, the rocks are sharp and the hike untamed. However, I am certainly glad I took my friend’s advice and ventured across the interstate, through the woods, and into unexplored territory. It’s beautiful!