Escape to Mount Engadine Lodge

As I pulled back the curtains and looked into the snowy winter wonderland, I breathed a sigh of relief. My phone hadn't made a noise since I arrived last night, I had indulged in delicious wine, charcuterie, a Canadian rib eye steak and played a belly laughing game of Cranium with new friends.

Welcome to Mount Engadine Lodge, I softly whispered to myself.

Although the weather in late March is warm and spring like in the city, two hours outside in the wilderness it's still clearly winter. Plenty of animal tracks are evident right outside our cozy cabin and I hope to get a sneak peek of something with four legs this week.

The A-frame style cabin is inviting and warm, decorated with wooden snowshoes and comfy oversized chairs. Two huge windows overlook the valley and forest and the view of the mountains from our window is hard to beat.

The main lodge though is perhaps my favorite, and seems to be the general consensus among the guests, as at any time of the day you can find couples, families and individuals curled up around the multiple fire places. Enjoying some cheese and wine, playing a game of cribbage or reading a book from the in-house library.

It's also where the meals are served, family style around a huge dining table. Dinners include things such as roasted pumpkin soup, steak, roasted veggies and mouse for dessert. Conversations flow between strangers, friendly servers whisk away empty plates and long after the last plate is cleared, new friends sit around an enjoy hearing stories of travel and more. 

There is no shortage of activities to due, whether you visit in winter or summer. After a dumping of fresh snow, we strap on some of the provided snowshoes and head out down the driveway. Our destination, Rummel Lake. This 10km hike promises varied terrain, excellent views and a snow covered lake at the top. Although mother nature has decided that clouds are the weather for the day, the sun is desperately trying to peek out. A moderate trek up an untouched trail, plenty of snack breaks and a couple hours later we are basking in the mountain views. 

Many of the guests during the winter time head out to Mt. Shark for the excellent cross country skiing that awaits. Although I curl up with a good book beside the fire, I promise myself next time I will check it out. A sauna awaits guests back at the lodge and many of them take advantage of it after a cold day outside.

Summer time brings a plethora of hiking opportunities and a valley full of wildflowers, as well as plenty of wildlife that grace the landscape. Moose aren't uncommon to be spotted just outisde the lodge, as are deer and many kinds of birds. 

Although a romantic getaway was what we were after, this lodge proves to be perfect for all groups including friends and families. Unwind, get outside and turn off your phone and enjoy this magical escape just two hours outside of the city.

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Lindsay MacNevin