Packing Tips From a Pro Packer

packing tips 101

packing tips 101

I am sure the first question that came to your mind was; 'What on earth makes you a packing professional?' Well here is the thing, as a former professional tennis player I would travel literally every week to a different country, state, city, for a different tournament. Meaning that every week I would have to pack up my tennis bag and luggage and head off to the new destination. I would say this experience has qualified be as a "Packing Pro" and now I am here to share with you some lessons I learned through my experience.

Packing for a trip can sometimes feel overwhelming. What if I need to pack for different weather? What If I go out on the town and want outfit options? I don't want to be caught in the same bikini twice! Let's all just take a breathe and follow my very simple packing guide so you can stop worrying about what to bring, and start getting excited for your adventure ahead.

Make a Packing List

First thing first is to make a list and check it twice. For me, writing it all down helps me differentiate from what I need to bring and what I want to bring. If I have a list of the essentials that I need and pack according to what is on the list, I won't be throwing any random t-shirt in my bag. It also gives me time to go out and get anything that is needed for the trip but I might not have.

Rolling > Folding

Photo by Tatomm/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Tatomm/iStock / Getty Images


Been folding up all your clothes when packing it in a bag? Next time try rolling. When I played tennis I would roll my tennis clothes in one section, and my normal clothes in another. Not only did it help organize everything, but when you roll your clothes they take up less space.



Going somewhere that is hot during the day and cools off at night? You don't need two different outfits, you just need to bring layers along. A stylish sweater is the perfect way to be prepared for different climates during your trip

Pack Dual Purpose Clothes

If that adorable dress works as a beach cover up and a dance the night away outfit then pack it. If an outfit or piece of clothing serves a double purpose that means less outfits you have to bring. Trust me, no one at the resort is going to judge you if you wear the same thing twice, you are on vacation for goodness sake.

Get Travel Size

I don't know about you but I personally hate having to bring a big tube of toothpaste on my vacation. Go out and get travel size, that way if you are bringing liquids they will also be allowed on your carry on. In fact, a lot of these items you can also get at your final destination which could make packing even easier. 

Never Check Essentials

This was a lesson I learned the hard way, when I checked my tennis bag and it was lost. I had to borrow a racket from a friend for my match the next day. When traveling, there is always a risk your luggage might not make it at the same time as you do so always make sure you bring your essentials on board. Along with that, I now always carry a change of clothes in my carry on just in case.

Or Just Bring a Carry-On

Listen, you are going on a 5 day vacation, you do not need three outfits per day. Even if you are traveling for longer I am pretty sure washing clothing is universal around the world. If you can't fit it in your carry-on than don't bring it. Plus your vacation starts a lot earlier if you don't have to wait for your luggage at the airport.

I hope these packing tips make it a little easier the next time you are getting ready to get away. The most important thing to pack though is a good attitude and a smile, Bonne Voyage!