England like you've never seen

How many of you have ever been to England before? I'm sure there are a few virtual head nods or hands being raised, did you visit London and it's pretty city lights? Wouldn't be a trip to England if you didn't right? But after the glitz and glam of the city, there is so much more than England has to offer, starting with it's views! 

I've now been in England for 2.5 months and at every single turn I have been surprised but what I've seen. I'll admit that before coming to the UK (having never been before) I had some less than ideal pre-concieved  notions, but the idea that I would have Europe as my backyard pushed down any negative thoughts. I imagined grey days & cool castles. Figured my time would be spent checking out really old architecture & drinking my fair share of tea. And yes, while my recent move has had me doing most of those things I've found myself soaking up the sun and taking in views that I never imagined to exist outside of some tropical destinations. So here I am to break the stigma of what you'll see in England & show you 5 places that will have you saying "England I'll be right there!" 

1. One of the first places I was lucky enough to visit had me thinking I was maybe back in Hawaii with these coastal views..Beachy Head is located outside of Brighton in the South West of the country and on the way to Eastbourne. The "white sand" is actually chalk, but at first glance you'd have to imagine this to be somewhere tropical..not necessarily jolly old England. There are multiple transit

2. Lucky enough to reconnect with a friend I made a few summers ago & have her love of surfing take us on a road trip of epic proportions for a weekend of beachside camping, surfing (for her) and taking in the views (for me) in Polzeath. A tiny Surfside destination & one surely not to be missed if you want to see some serious stunning coastline, sunrise strolls are definitely something I would recommend here! 

3. When you're unemployed & the forecast is calling for a heatwave(by English standards) then the best place to be is by the sea. Accidentally ending up in the seaside village of Mevagissey was probably the best thing that could have happened or else I may never have had the chance to experience a place that had me feeling like I had stepped into a Greek village. The secluded beaches, the tiny cobbled lanes & a trip out along the coast are all must do's to get the most of your time here.

4. I'm now currently calling Brighton home, and lucky for me that not more than a 20 minute drive from my new abode is the Seven Sisters Park. Home to some incredible chalk cliffs that overlook the ocean on one side and the rolling green hills on the other. Trails along the top of the cliffs or along the beach are sure to leave anyone in your party with their jaw on the floor.

England like you've never seen it

5. No reunion with a friend is complete without an adventure (in my opinion at least). So when I got the chance to head to the Jurassic Coast of Dorset to meet a close friend I'd made in New Zealand it was adventure on our minds & a bucket list spot for me to check out. Durdle Door has been by far one of my favourite places to see since I arrived in the UK. An amazing force formation, and beaches rivalling that of any other tropical beach destination. The trails here take you up vertical terrain that will have you curing under your breathe, but I promise the views from the top will be worth it!

England like you've never seen it

So there you have it! This is England like you've never seen it, but hopefully that changes, I mean how can you visit The UK now & not see these beauties right?

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