Santorini Isn't Just for Honeymoons


It was on the cab ride to the airport when I first questioned my decision to go to Santorini. Our driver told my boyfriend and myself that; “Santorini will make you fall in love all over again.” Listen, I sure love my boyfriend, but we are not the couple that are overly romantic. No we are the couple that loves adventure and excitement. Maybe going to what some consider the honeymoon capital was a terrible idea? Were we going to find excitement and adventure among the romance and beauty?

When we first arrived in Santorini, I instantly knew what our driver was talking about. This place was like a picture, hand painted to perfection. Gorgeous views around every corner. I thought I was in a dream. Yes, it had all the elements for the perfect romantic getaway, but what I quickly discovered was that Santorini is not just for the lovers. It also happened to be for the wine lovers, the food lovers, and even the adventure lovers. Oh and yes, with the magical sunsets that take place every single night, it is also for the lovers.

This little island had so much to offer. Whether it was culture, adventure, local treats, you name it you could find it here.  I wanted to share a bit of my adventure with you to prove this spot isn't just for honeymoons.



Day 1



 When I first woke up in Santorini I stepped outside to a beautiful view of the Caldera. The clear blue Mediterranean waters below me, the romantic white buildings and blue domes surrounding me, the deep red and black cliffs completing the perfect picture. I woke up in heaven. 

On the agenda that day was a trip to a local winery. Now I know when you think of Greece you don’t necessarily think of wine but Greece and in particular Santorini actually has some of the most unique wine in the world because it is one of the few places that has volcanic wine. Basically the grapes here are grown on volcanic soil making it extremely unique.

The winery that I went to was called Domaine Sigalas located right in the heart of Oia. I was told this winery was particularly unique because they would experiment with different fermentation and aging techniques.

The wine spoke for itself. Each glass had its own particular and delicious taste. I tried everything from the whites, to the red, to the aged dessert wines. All of them creative and tasty. I stayed around to try some of their local dishes, including an eggplant tower that was to die for.

After the wine tour I decided to talk a walk around the picturesque town of Oia. It seemed that down every cobbled road was a beautiful church, or building, or restaurant, that offered a spectacular view after another. It was easy to see why you could fall in love here.

I finished the day with the most incredible meal of my entire life. I was told by some of the locals to check out a small tapas restaurant called Melitini. This spot was a hidden gem. The food was so fresh and delicious. I highly recommend anything seafood because the seafood in Santorini is plucked straight from the ocean.



Day 2

On my second day I decided to be a little more adventurous. I had heard about a great cliff jumping spot in Amoudi Bay. I had never been cliff jumping before but with the August heat and the beautifully clear Mediterranean waters I figured why not give it a go.

Getting to the spot was challenging. You have to walk down what seemed like a million stairs to Amoudi Bay. Once there you take a left and walk along the cliffs until you see a little rock island in the water. You then have to swim out there, climb the rocks, and prepare for the plunge.

I did the terrible mistake of looking over the edge before diving in and suddenly got a sense of fear, but with my boyfriend encouraging me from below I ran and flew and did my best cannon ball into the water.

This was a highlight of the trip because from a top of the rock in the middle of the water you get to see a different view of the island. The white buildings looked like snow-capped mountains from a distance. They contrast so beautifully with the red and black cliffs. It was breathtaking.

To reward myself for my courage, I decided to make a reservation at Sunset Amoudi for dinner (reservations are required). Out of the few restaurants down at Amoudi Bay, this one offers the best view of the magical sunset.

I ordered their famous lobster pasta and waited for what has become the famous Santorini sunset. It is hard to describe the beautiful colours of the sun as it dipped down and disappeared into the night. 

It was then time to make the trek up the flights of stairs, trying my best to avoid any donkey droppings. After all of the excitement, it was an early night for me.



Day 3



I woke up with a sense of disappointment. I wasn’t ready to end my visit here, but a few more adventures were on the agenda for my final day in paradise.

I decided to rent an ATV and explore the island. Up until now I had spent the entire time in Oia but wanted to see what the rest of Santorini has to offer.

 I started the day heading towards the Red Sand Beach. Now be warned, driving in Santorini is a little scary to say the least. The roads are extremely narrow. In fact, I don’t know how they fit two- way traffic. Also, the majority of the time you are driving with a cliff right beside you and it is a long way down.

When I made it to the Red Sand Beach I was astounded by this beautiful place. Leading up to the beach was deep red rocks that you had to maneuver to make it to the beach. Ocean on one side and the red cliff on the other it was truly breathtaking.  

Next stop on the ATV tour was the Black Sand Beach. Here you will find more of a resort style beach with activities and sports. Just make sure to bring your sandals because trust me the sand can burn your feet.

The last stop on the ATV tour of the island could be the most impressive. There is a spot in Santorini called the Monastery of Profitis Ilias. This is the highest point on the island and from the top you have an incredible view of all of Santorini. This is a must see.



After returning my ATV, I decided to finish the day cooling off at a pool. I really didn’t do my research as to just how hot Santorini gets in the summer time, and so a place to cool off was necessary. The good thing is a lot of the hotels have beautiful infinity pools. I stopped by the pool at Canavas Suites. The view here was stunning, you could see the entire Caldera while relaxing in the water.

I ended my Santorini trip with another local recommendation, a restaurant called Vineyart. This spot is a little off the beaten path but it is definitely worth the walk. The food was amazing but what I really loved was that the restaurant also celebrated local artists. There were incredible paintings, sculptures, and photographs throughout the restaurant.

In just the three short days that I was in Santorini I truly fell in love. I fell in love with the art, the culture, the views, the island, and yes I fell in love with my boyfriend all over again. Yes, this place is a magical spot to visit with a loved one, but the island t has so much to offer so no matter who you are with. Santorini is a must visit. I hope that you get to experience the beauty of this island and I hope you get to try some of my recommendations along the way.