The Team Behind Women Who Explore

Women Who Explore was started by two sisters (Jenny and Lindsay), with an idea to build a community of women who love to get outdoors, explore and empower one another. We believe that women should support one another in their goals and ambitions and that we, as women can do and be anything we want. We encourage women to believe in THEMSELVES and EACH OTHER. Women Who Explore isn’t just a website or a blog or an Instagram account, it is a place to be inspired, share stories and meet with like minded women. We are so happy to have you be a part of this community and YOU inspire us to be better every single day.


Lindsay's Story

Lindsay MacNevin is the little sister to Jenny, the co-founder and co-owner of Women Who Explore and a lover of life. She also happens to be the co-founder of Soul Sisters Getaway, a branch of Women Who Explore dedicated to getting women together outside of the city. Lindsay strives to connect women with each other and currently resides in Calgary, Alberta. Lindsay's true passion is to connect women all over the world and continually introduces them to new sports and activities. She spent the past three years traveling the world as an outdoor and travel writer before settling down to start her own company. She works with outdoor brands such as MEC and KEEN Canada to encourage women to get outdoors, connect with nature, and explore.


Jenny's Story

Jenny MacNevin is the bigger sister to Lindsay, go-getter in life and co-founder and co-owner of Women Who Explore. She is also the co-founder of Soul Sisters Getaway, a branch of Women Who Explore dedicated to getting women together outside of the city. Jenny loves to connect women with one another throughout the world. Currently residing in Calgary, Alberta, Jenny is often found traveling around the world looking for the highest mountains and the bluest seas. An avid outdoors woman, Jenny seemingly bounds up mountains and is willing to try any outdoor activity in front of her. A mother, daughter, sister and lover of all things nature, Jenny is the energetic force behind these getaways.

Meet Our Ambassadors 


Megan is a brand ambassador for Women Who Explore, and along with her beloved dog Koa she finds solace in being out in nature. She is a natural born leader and has a vibrant passion for bringing women together and an unstoppable drive to help others. When Megan is not out exploring with Koa and Amber, she can be found sweating in a spin class or testing out delicious new whiskeys.  This born and raised Ontarian adventured her way to Alberta and currently lives in Calgary. Megan embraces our values whole heartedly and champions what Women Who Explore stand for.



Amber is a brand ambassador for Women Who Explore, and is a powerful force for motivating women to get outside and explore.  Amber is committed to a healthy, active lifestyle, and when she's not in the mountains she can be found in the gym, working on her fitness goals.  Born and raised in Alberta, Amber currently lives in Cochrane, and takes every opportunity she can to be out in the mountains in her Jeep.  A back road drive through the mountains is where Amber connects her love of adventure with her appreciation of nature, and she often shares these trips with friends.  If you've got questions about goal setting or tattoo getting and everything in between she's your girl! 





Ashley is a brand ambassador for Women Who Explore, and is a passionate traveler who inspires women to explore the world.  A California native, she caught the travel bug in her early 20's and hasn't looked back since.  She loves scuba diving and nature, and when Ashley isn't exploring a new country, she can be found hiking and road tripping with her best friend and fur-child, Sophie.  Ashley encourages other women to pursue their dreams of seeing the world, and loves spreading the word about Women Who Explore everywhere she goes! 



Ally is a passion fueled adventure seeker whose goal is to creatively tell stories about what motivates her to continue to seek new adventures and live a full life.

She dives in to work with brands to develop creative and innovative strategies that authentically pushes their vision and ideas out to the world through incredible content.

Through her personal work, Ally's goal is to get people outside their comfort zone by inspiring curiosity and showing empathy via story telling and photography on her social channels.