Our Ambassadors

Meet our team of Ambassadors across North America! They hold local meet ups and events

Linda Michaud

Mom of 3, adventure seeker, mountaineer wannabe.

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Steph Brown

I absolutely love to explore new places, be it new hiking trails on Vancouver Island or entirely new countries. I work in communications and love helping businesses share their passions and stories.

Kate McCarthy

I’m a registered nurse from Corner Brook, Newfoundland, I love to hike and to try new outdoor activities, and I’m crazy about my dog oswald!

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Kika VilaNova

Brazilian transplant to Utah. Kika explores because it’s cheaper than therapy. Her goal is to connect with other women and be an example to children that the outdoors can bring them peace and joy.

Bridget Shevlin

Bridget grew up in Adirondack mountains and now is a Photographer in NYC. Enthusiast of all things adventure and cares deeply about women empowering and supporting each other. Instagram

Alana Bartolai

Alana is a Water Quality Specialist. She calls Illinois home but is always traveling and planning her next big outdoor adventure. She spends her free time hiking, kayaking, and camping.  Find her Instagram

Heather Gustafson

I am a wife, a mother, a friend, an adventurer, an explorer, and more; but what I really am, is someone who loves their life and is living it one adventure at a time.   Facebook and Instagram

Kat Clark

Kat, an emergency nurse actually prefers to define herself as an adventurer, a wanderer, a seeker of joy, a writer of experiences and a lover of the outdoors.
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Grace Harriet

Grace is a nomad at heart. A few years ago she got tired of saying that she always wanted to go places and have adventures, so she chose to make a commitment to herself to start doing instead of dreaming.  Instagram

Mia Gordon

Mia Gordon is a host, reporter, and writer with the National Lacrosse Leagues digital network NLLTV.com. When she isn’t working or watching the big game, she is planning her next adventure. Find her on  Instagram Facebook Twitter

Terra Moreland

As a little girl, growing up in Juneau, Alaska, adventure was all I knew. If I have a mission in life, it’s to spread that warm fuzzy feeling we get when we’re happiest. To give others the courage to live outside their comfort zone.

Jill Weenink

Jill is an outdoor enthusiast, a traveller, a writer and a lover of life. She wants to inspire other women to get outside, love life and to find strength, courage and positivity though all of life’s trials and tribulations. Find her on Instagram

Natasha Martinez

As an avid traveler and nature lover, Natasha wants to inspire women to get out of their comfort zones and fully embrace their inner badass.

Cindy Dowsett

Cindy Dowsett is a wife and mother of two. She is a collector of stamps in her passport and is travelling the world with her family teaching others that life does not end after having kids. Find her on Instagram .

Dani Wieland

Growing up in Colorado, I spent a lot of time skiing, hiking, and backpacking. When I climbed my first 14er as a freshman I discovered the depth of my passion for being in the mountains.

Wendy Lee

Wendy is a sustainability engineer. When she’s not being a nerd she likes to wander the wilderness with her yellow lab Tyke. Do what you love. Follow her on Instagram 

Kris King

Growing up in the suburbs of Portland, OR I was exposed to fishing, hiking, kayaking, playing in the ocean and exploring the nearby Mt. Hood. Currently home is the forested valley that surrounds Mt. Rainier.

Dori Nix

Dori is an adventure photographer, writer, creative entrepreneur and outdoor enthusiast based in Interior Alaska. It is her hope to empower women to believe in themselves. Find her on Instagram 

Kaylee Hopkins

This fired up, pocket sized adventure instigator is ready for anything. Working as a full time buyer and manager for the local outdoor gear shop in Fredericton NB, she’s deeply rooted into the outdoor community.

Emily Vulcano

Emily is a wild woman living off plants and adventures all over Colorado. Mountains make her soul the happiest, and she can often be found hiking up them, camping in them, or skiing down them. Find her on Instagram

Chantal Chow

Chantal is an avid hiker and scrambler having grown up surrounded by the Canadian Rockies. Her two older sisters are her role models and are responsible for instilling a love of the outdoors in her.  Find her on Instagram

Nikki Kaufmann

Nikki is an energetic , adventure seeking mom of 3 girls — passionate about women feeling safe and empowered outside. She is happiest among the company of her family & mountain air. Find her on Instagram

Alex McGillivray

Alex is an adventurer, runner, triathlete and lover of a little bit of everything. She’s been a nature lover ever since she was a wee one and would hug every single tree that lined the streets on her way home from school. Find her on Instagram 

Jessica Cherry

A prairie girl from Regina SK with a passion for travel. She is a wife, a dog Mom, and an operating room nurse. When she’s not scrubbed in you may find her snowboarding, hiking, at the gym, stand up paddle boarding or camping. Instagram

Katrina Guillen

Katrina is a small town girl at heart with an adventurous spirit. By day she serves the Albuquerque community educating others as a dental hygienist. In her free time you can find her exploring all the best the Land of Enchantment has to offer. Instagram 

Emily Pereira

Emily grew up exploring and adventuring across Minnesota, but found her ultimate adventure with her husband, raising their daughter  in Alaska.  Life goal of Emily’s is to take her daughter to every National Park in North America. Find her on Instagram 

Melissa Wright

Melissa Wright resides in desert southwest of Arizona. She co-owns a media company that specializes in professional photography and filmmaking. She’s a marketing guru, adventure seeker, mostly introvert and sometimes unicorn. Find her on Instagram 

Lindsey Egan

Originally from the Minnesota, Lindsey now lives in Portland, Oregon where she spends her free time exploring the landscapes of the beautiful Pacific Northwest one hike, one waterfall, and one road trip at a time! Follow her adventures on Instagram 

Zoey Tyler

Zoey Tyler is a native Oregonian who fuels her epic wanderlust through spontaneous trips abroad, charismatic prancing through forests, and unfortunate tumbles down coastal hills that inevitably leave sand lodged in unsatisfactory places.

Devan Nichols

I’m crazy passionate about getting people outside to experience its beautiful transformation. The WA Cascade Mountains grew me into the skier, rafter, biker, hiker, and paddler I am today. Find me on Instagram 

Nicole Block

Vancouver Island born. When I am not teaching you will find me skiing in the mountains, rock climbing in Squamish or relaxing on my couch. I feel most alive outside and cannot wait to make more connections with women of that same passion!

Cassie Stinson

My name is Cassie and I am a fascial stretch therapist and snowboard coach in Calgary. I love to explore and really connect with nature in any way possible (my faves include: slacklining, snowboarding, and standup paddle).

Sheena Kamps

Sheena is a psych nurse, a dog mom, an outdoor enthusiast and above all else, a mountain lover! She loves to challenge herself and others, always pushing past that comfort level and climbing to new heights. Instagram

Kendra Sauder

Outdoor lover with a passion for breaking down the barriers that keep people inside. Founder of Camping with Strangers she works to provide unique, safe, community building experiences for all. Instagram 

Adrianna Long

I was raised on the West Coast but now call Calgary home. I’ve always had a love for the prairies, the mountains, and the ocean and I can usually be found excitedly adventuring among those. Instagram

Shallon Nichvalodoff

Shallon was born in Whitehorse Yukon and currently lives in Calgary. She grew up hiking, dogsledding, and swimming in glacier lakes. She has a passion for being outside. Instagram

Katlyn MacDonald

Katlyn is a goal driven adventuress who resides in Northwest Saskatchewan. With a passion for trying new things, hanging by the lake and living the closest thing to a gypsy while holding down a 9-5.

Jamie Martin

Jamie currently lives in Canmore, Alberta and has come to love the mountain lifestyle. She enjoys hiking, biking, snowboarding, paddle boarding, and traveling. She works for a social media marketing company in Canmore

Kristen Nelson

Currently residing in Portland, Oregon, Kristen takes full advantage of the easy access to the mountains, rivers, and coastline. She is an avid hiker and paddler, and, during her trips, she captures the fun digitally and on film. Instagram

Kaitlyn Mourton

I always felt this urge to see the world, to meet new people, discover new foods and new ways of thinking. But it wasn’t until recently, I realized I can do all those things in my hometown. I want to see it all, hike it all!

Amy Ruszala

I am a biologist by day, ultra runner all the time, and adventure seeker. When I’m not training for races I’m backpacking with my husband and rock climbing with friends.  Climbing has brought me new an unique challenges.

Jessica Lackey

Originally from St. Louis, MO, this Midwest girl is somewhat new to the mountains, which means she takes every opportunity she can to learn, explore, grow more into a true mountaineer.Often she brings along her four-year-old Great Dane. Instagram 

Sabryna Ranger

Part girl part bear; likes to eat a lot, sleep a lot but spends most of her time outdoors. I enjoy long walks on the beach, off the beach, up a mountain and pretty much anywhere with a promise of coffee. Instagram 

Brett Timons

Hi! My name is Brett, and I’m an adventure enthusiast. Fell in love with hiking when I was just 8 years old. I teach yoga, pizza is my favorite food group, and I have a goal to spend a week in every national park around the globe. Instagram

Kim Hopkins

Fernie Ambassador,- Do you enjoy the trails with hikers, runners, snow shoes or bikes ??then lets go together. No one is left behind. Hope you will join our outings, fresh air, beautiful views- all are invited.

Cydney McFarland

Cydney is an avid hiker currently living in Bend, OR. She looks forward to exploring her new home with her dog Charlie. Rocking climbing, skiing and paddling oh my! Instagram

Kelsie Mitchell

I live in Stephenville, TX with my husband and our two trail dogs; May and Riker. I’m an avid outdoorswomen and enjoy hiking, canoeing, kayaking and backpacking and motivating others.

Jessica MacNeil-Mah

Jessica is one of our ambassadors in Victoria, BC and is always on the hunt for her next adventure. Jessica finds the most fulfilling part of the adventure to be the relationships she’s built on those experiences.

Troi Crombie

Troi is a 30-something BC native, now residing in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. In the last 5 years she’s pushed herself to learn to trail run, snowshoe, backpack and x-country ski.

Ali Knox

Ali enjoys being a native of Idaho. She believes that we as women of the outdoors have a responsibility to share our wilderness knowledge with others.

Megan Venner

Megan has a passion for bringing women together and a drive to help others. When Megan is not out exploring with Koa, she can be found in a spin class or testing out whiskeys.

Allie Peraino

Allie comes from the beach bum life of Long Island and has been exploring the ski bum mountain life in Park City, UT. She’s a lover of the outdoors & traveling, yoga instructor, runner, and jewelry designer. Instagram

Sophia Gould

Born and bred in Newfoundland, this small town girl moved out west in search of bigger mountains to conquer. Sophia’s best days are powder days. She is looking forward to sharing her positive energy and enthusiasm with other adventurous ladies.

Azzah Ahmad

My love for the outdoors began a few years ago when it helped me heal from a back injury.  I want to create a space where women from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, colours, faiths can come together and enjoy the outdoors just as much as me

Kim Casemore

My outdoor passion is to chase mountains and waterfalls! In winter you can find me snowboarding my way through the Rockies, while summer’s I spend paddling the best whitewater rivers I can in my kayak!

Chelsi Hower

Currently residing in Bend, OR. Wilderness therapist at New Vision Wilderness Therapy. I spend most of my extra time spending time outside with my husband and my two dogs! I love adventure sports, humans, dogs, and being myself!