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25 Days of Giveaways is Here!

Written by L & J

I won’t lie, I love to make people happy. So does Jenny. And that means we love doing little things in our lives to make others smile. Whether that means we make sure to give someone a compliment, hold the door open for them or pay for someone’s coffee, doing something to benefit others makes us feel good.

That’s why it was a no brainer to bring this idea of giving to Women Who Explore. We have teamed up with some of our favourite brands, partners, companies and people to bring you 25 giveaways for the month of December. So what should you expect? A mismash of everything we love including gear, clothing, wellness products and even a few really girly things thrown in!

Entering is easy, either head over here or visit on us Instagram ! Each day will be a surprise and we can’t wait to see who wins! The giveaway will end at 11:59pm everyday so make sure you enter before then!




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L & J

Lindsay and Jenny are the founders of Women Who Explore. Creating this community and bringing women together, as well as showing the world that women can indeed do anything is pretty much their goal in life.

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