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Day 1 of 21: 4:30am Wake Ups

Written by L & J

Current situation: Sitting in my entirely dark house while 3 sleeping boys lie peacefully in their beds. Hot tea beside me. Onesie on. Headphones plugged in and Chasing Sunrise playlist playing in my ears. Heated blanket on full blast.

Utterly exhausted

While the rest of the world slept though, I was awake. Okay maybe not the rest of the world but at least everyone in my neighbourhood. And still at 7am when I look at all the houses around mine, everyone is still snoozing.

It’s now 7am here. So far I have answered 37 flagged emails that have been driving my crazy, sent out another 25 emails or so about new opportunities, scheduled my social media for the next few days and did some website work. I checked in with some peeps also doing this insane experiment and I definitely wasted some time browsing the net.

Totally skipped out on the Yoga I had planned to do, contemplated about taking a nap at least 46 times and have thought about how early I can go to bed tonight. Contemplated going back to bed at least 100 times.

Lessons learned: Must go to bed before midnight, need to have the coffee going before I wake up and my suspicions were true, I am NOT a morning person.

xoxo Lindsay




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Lindsay and Jenny are the founders of Women Who Explore. Creating this community and bringing women together, as well as showing the world that women can indeed do anything is pretty much their goal in life.

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