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Day 2: Struggle is Beautiful

Written by Lindsay

Day 2 of 21 days of 4:30am wake ups and I have shifted my mindset. Gone is the belief that I cannot do it. And here, in the present I choose to focus on success and how the struggle to get to success is entirely beautiful.

To assume that people become successful without hard work is just wrong. Wrong because it discounts the journey, the clawing, the struggles that is takes people to get to the top of the mountain. It simply throws any notion of struggle out the window. Success doesn’t come naturally, if it did, everyone would have it.

Instead I choose to believe that every single successful person in the history of man kind has gone through the good and the bad and has faced the same struggles as I do now.

The scariest statistic: 99% of people walk away from struggle, they see it as a hardship and they give up.

Guess what though. People that choose to stare struggle in the face and refuse to accept the word no, they are the seperation between average and great. They know that excellence lies underneath the surface in which most cannot see. How can you move forward  \without first staring in the face of adversity?

My advice: Take mediocracy and make it excellent. Believe that the very thing that hurts you right now, in the present, will be the very thing to transform your life down the road.

xoxo Lindsay



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Lindsay is the co-founder of Women Who Explore. When she is not off traveling the world and writing about it, she can be found sipping on a fine glass of red wine and thinking about how she can bring more women together in this amazing community.

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