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To Be Honest: I’m Overwhelmed

Written by L & J

It’s supposed to be all rainbows and sunshine over here at Women Who Explore. Our social media is exploding, our giveaway is going fantastic and we are connecting women all over the globe. But i’ll tell you all a little secret. It’s freaking scary and overwhelming and sometimes I just want to crawl into my elf onesie and watch Netflix all day. There I admitted it, admitted I have an elf onesie that is…and other onesies, because when you work from home, you can have all the onesies you want.

Seriously though, life is scary sometimes and I feel like we don’t always talk about it. Please tell me I am not alone here, that everyone secretly hides their feelings?

I got to escape reality this week and head south to Waterton, Alberta for a mini escape, much-needed after months of slogging 15 hour days at my computer. I didn’t realize how much I needed a break until I arrived in a complete winter wonderland of beauty and my phone crapped out.

With no real access to the world, along with being literally the only people staying in this national park I first experienced panic that I couldn’t keep up with social media, this website, my hundreds of emails, phone calls, etc. And then I embraced it.

An untouched world of winter awaited me as I snowshoed through three feet of powder, snapping photos of deer, elk, moose and sheep that roam through the park. The clouds parted for a brief moment allowing me to see the incredible mountains and lakes that make up this park.

I stood on top of a mountain soaking it all in, forgetting about the hundreds of emails and meetings and people who needed me, that counted on me. And I felt a little selfish to be honest. I felt like I was letting people down by taking time for myself. And then I remembered one my most favorite sayings, “self-care isn’t selfish”.

Was two days enough? No.
Am I still overwhelmed? Yes.
Feeling recharged? Sorta.

To be completely honest, what keeps me going is you. Connecting women all over the globe with one another, learning about you, hearing your stories, seeing your photos. Damn, this community is what keeps me going. So don’t stop. Keep sharing your stories with us, keep sharing your pictures with us and keep being awesome. Because I need you, probably more than you need me.

xoxo Lindsay



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L & J

Lindsay and Jenny are the founders of Women Who Explore. Creating this community and bringing women together, as well as showing the world that women can indeed do anything is pretty much their goal in life.


  • Overwhelmed?! For sure. We’re moving to Victoria. I’m solo parenting, purging, packing up the house and doing Christmas here in Calgary while my husband starts his new job, finds is a home, school, scout troop, etc. In Victoria.

    But I keep telling myself, we are following our dream, we just have to get there! It will be worth it. Think of the new trails to explore, the beaches to run on, the sea air…

    And so we temporarily overwhelmed but we are resilient, we are working towards something bigger, and it will be fine.

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