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I Wept for the World. Co-Founder, Lindsay Weighs in on this Week’s Events

Written by Lindsay

I wept on Wednesday morning, behind closed doors as I tried to take in what had happened the night before. I wept for all women, those old enough to understand what a monumental feat having a woman American president would have been, and for those too young to even understand.

I am not American, I am Canadian and live in Canada, yet I sat sobbing in disbelief.

I am the co-founder of this company, Women Who Explore and one of our very missions is to empower women, to encourage them to be anything they want. We are building an entire community on the belief that women can do everything men can, and that they should be encouraged to do so.

I promised myself I wouldn’t write this post, that I would keep my opinions to myself, as this community has no judgement and we welcome anyone regardless of their faith, beliefs, religion, colour, race, etc. But I can’t keep it in, knowing that everyday I wake up I am fighting to have my voice heard, your voice heard, her voice heard.

I wept for my many homosexual friends, my transgender friends, immigrant friends and women across the nation. For we have taken a step backwards in society.

You see, as a woman growing up being raised by a single mom I WAS taught that I could be anything I wanted. There were no limitations to what I could do or what I could achieve.

I didn’t feel inferior to men, until Donald Trump became president.

I woke up today and thought I will have to work twice as hard now, I will have to fight even more battles than I already fight as a woman in business and I will have to do it without sounding like a “whiny, nagging and weak feminist”, his words not mine.

But I will rise up and I’ll do it a thousand times to prove that women deserve just as much as men and that they can be anything they want to be. As the days pass by I get stronger and more passionate about empowering women, young girls, teenagers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, mothers to become what they want in life.

Women Who Explore is a community, for women, by women. We stand together in this world, united by one thing, the fact that we believe we can do and be anything we want. Whether you want to climb Mt, Everest or you simply wake up and breathe and read a story or two on here for inspiration, remember this. We believe in you. We believe that everyday is a new day. We believe that you can be anything you want to be.

With my head held high, my tears dry on my cheeks I promise you this: We are here for you, this community was built for you and we will encourage you every step of the way.

xoxo Lindsay



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Lindsay is the co-founder of Women Who Explore. When she is not off traveling the world and writing about it, she can be found sipping on a fine glass of red wine and thinking about how she can bring more women together in this amazing community.


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