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I Joined 21 Damn Early Days and I Think YOU Should too!

Written by L & J

Our good friends at Chasing Sunrise came up with a seriously cool concept. And guess what, WE at Women Who Explore are getting on board! Because who doesn’t need some more time for ourselves?

What would you do with the world to yourself for a few hours?

Here’s how it works:

21 Damn Early Days helps you create the time to focus on what matters in your life. Monday to Friday, for 21 days, you (along with 100s of others) get up at 4:30AM and get after the things you want.

We’ll help you create a system that gets you up, keeps you focused and motivated, and gives you the space and tools to understand and focus on what you want to do with your time.

Finally, we’ll help you stay accountable, day after day, to the commitments you make for the program.

The program runs Monday to Friday from January 3rd to 31st, 2017.

So WHY on Earth would we do this?

Life is too short not to spend time focused on the things you care about. But in a world that’s getting busier and busier, finding that time seems to be like an impossible task.

21 Damn Early Days is designed to break you out of that rut and give you time, every single day, to focus on what matters to you.

Ready to join us at Women Who Explore as we take on this challenge together?





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L & J

Lindsay and Jenny are the founders of Women Who Explore. Creating this community and bringing women together, as well as showing the world that women can indeed do anything is pretty much their goal in life.

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