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It’s Okay Not to be Okay

Written by Lindsay

I feel like I should feel happy all the time. I have a great life. Great friends, great family, trips planned out the upcoming months. I have a beautiful place to call home, mountains only minutes away and a partner that loves me. My health is good, I have enough food to fill my belly and I even to get to work from the comfort of my own home.

I feel sad though sometimes. It comes in waves, catches me off guard, surprises me when I least expect it. I quickly push it away, demanding that my brain doesn’t register that feeling and instead I throw on a smile and tell everyone I am doing great. I chat with friends who live around the world, putting on my best show and agreeing with them about how awesome my life is. I listen to them complain about jobs, boyfriends, house prices, health problems and I think to myself, I can’t possibly complain about my mediocre issues, about how I feel sad for no reason, I am not worthy of complaining.

I’m not okay all the time though and that is okay. There are days when I do not feel motivated to get dressed. There are days when I do not leave the bubble of my warm safe house. And there are days when I cry for no reason. And that is okay.

There are also plenty of happy days. Days spent with family and friends. Days when I wake up and tackle my to do list and feel accomplished at the end of the day. Days that I feel so blessed to be alive.

I urge you to remind yourself that you are enough. You are an amazing human. You breathe life into this world. And when you are sad, we are here. Remember that you are not alone. That behind everyone’s smiling faces they are sad sometimes too. Reach out to your friends, your family, your support system.

It’s okay not to be okay. But most of all remember, you are not alone.

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Lindsay is the co-founder of Women Who Explore. When she is not off traveling the world and writing about it, she can be found sipping on a fine glass of red wine and thinking about how she can bring more women together in this amazing community.

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