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Hi ladies! We just want to check in and say hi. We’ve been pretty quiet over here over the past few months and wanted to let you all know whats been in the works.

First up, we launched our Soul Sisters Getaways. Eeeeeekkkkk. So excited about this. Right now we are offering 2 in Alberta, 1 in BC and 1 in California. They are all sold out and we couldn’t be more excited to meet up with some incredible ladies. We will have another AB and/or BC one launching next week for the weekend of May 22-28 so stay tuned! 

We have launched a FLASH SALE for some Women Who Explore swag. We are only running the sale for a couple weeks, so if you want to show some love, make sure to visit Contour Creative . Devan, the owner behind this awesome company hand designs, carves and stamps each shirt personally so no two are exact!

The website has been growing with some awesome new content and contributors! Feel free to browse around to get trip ideas, inspirations, tips for exploring and more.

We have also been busy partnering up with some pretty cool companies! 

TreeEra: Together we will plant one billion trees. TreeEra offers a monthly subscription to help offset your yearly carbon footprint by planting trees.

UNI chillwear: (Confession: WE LIVE IN THESE….and even snowshoe in them, see above photo haha) We started with onesies and have stepped into shirts, sweaters, sunnies and hats. We are proud to say that our sweaters and shirts are Canadian made and comprised of organic cottons. As a Canadian company we know how cool it is to actually have products manufactured, designed and printed here. UNI represents much more than a brand name. Our clothing line encompasses a commitment to chilling. Take time, reflect, dream, relax, laugh and love. Whatever you find chill – make sure you live in that moment, we are here to help.

KEEN Canada: Obsessed with all of their shoots and boots, its the only thing we wear when we explore outdoors. They have just launched their incredible Terradora shoes and stay tuned for a KEEN takeover!

We were also reminded this past week how delicate and short life really is. One of our amazing contributors, friend and bad ass adventure mamma and her family went through something no family should ever go through. Their sweet little daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour out of nowhere. Two surgeries in 24 hours and the tumour has been removed. Every ounce of love, good vibes and healing energies were put forth by an amazing tribe of people. Remember to tell your loved ones and little ones how much you care about them and give them a few extra squeezes today.

A Go Fund Me page has been established to help cover the incurring medical costs as well as a meal delivery schedule. Link here to support this little warrior family. These hard times call for a strong tribe.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for all the exciting things coming up in the net few days. Thanks again for all your love and support.

xoxo L & J



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L & J

Lindsay and Jenny are the founders of Women Who Explore. Creating this community and bringing women together, as well as showing the world that women can indeed do anything is pretty much their goal in life.


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