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Who are We?

Written by L & J

Hi there! Its Lindsay and Jenny here, the co-founders of this community. We have had a lot of questions about who we are, what we do and why we started Women Who Explore so here you go!

Who are We?

We are sisters, mothers, daughters and explorers. We also happen to be regular women, not extreme athletes nor world travellers.

First and foremost though, we are sisters, best friends and we started Women Who Explore together.

I (Lindsay) take care of most of the website and likely if you email us, I will be the one to answer you. I also happen to love to write and my background as a travel writer means it’s me you will find blogging here.

Jenny on the other hand takes care of our ever growing Instagram account and is responsible for all those beautiful images you see. Chances are, if you message us on Instagram, she will be the one to answer you.

Why start this?

There are a couple of reasons we started this. First and foremost we felt like we got a little ripped off in terms of women in the outdoors. We didn’t have a community and we wanted one. So we created one. Women Who Explore is a community of women who love to get outdoors, explore and empower one another. We believe that women should support one another in their goals and ambitions and that we, as women can do and be anything we want. We encourage women to believe in THEMSELVES and EACH OTHER.

I also had a pretty bad accident in the spring of 2016. As a travel and outdoors writer I am constantly pushed to the limit, to do more extreme sports, activities, climb higher mountains, get better stories. In June 2016 I was sent to do some white water stand up paddle boarding (yes I promise that is a thing). With no experience in SUP, I was a little nervous but needed the story. Fast forward ten minutes into my excursion and I was down and out, being dragged through the water by my paddle board. The result: a torn MCL and PCL in my knee, a dislocated knee cap and a whack of bruised knee bones. Luckily Jenny was on hand to drive us 8 hours back to Canada to the hospital and on the way we had a lot of time to chat about something that had been brewing in both of our minds.

I was fed up, tired of having to do so many extreme things just in order to get my story out there. I knew I wasn’t alone in this thought process either. Jenny has always wanted to do something bigger with life, bring people together in some way and do it as sisters. So we came home with a mission to start a place where all women could share their stories.

We chose the word “Explore” because it means something different to everyone. Maybe to you it means hiking or sailing or traveling. Maybe it means just reading about other people’s explorations. Either way, you are welcome here and we hope you get inspired, meet some new friends and feel a part of our tribe.



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L & J

Lindsay and Jenny are the founders of Women Who Explore. Creating this community and bringing women together, as well as showing the world that women can indeed do anything is pretty much their goal in life.

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