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Whoa Mag: The Spirit Booster I Needed

Written by Lindsay

I tossed and turned all night last night wondering if I made a mistake by admitting my feelings about being overwhelmed on this blog, after all as one of the co-founders of this community, I feel like I should be strong all the time.

That all changed when I woke up and saw all the positive feedback, the comments that I wasn’t alone and the dozens of texts and phone calls I got reminding me that its okay not to be okay all the time.

By afternoon I was feeling inspired, encouraged and hammering out emails, as well as hibernating indoors as its so cold outside it literally hurt my face when I went to get the mail.

As I was thinking of wrapping up my day I got a phone call from Hatie, the brains and beauty behind Whoa Mag . I’ve been sorta stalking Whoa Mag for the past few months as I felt deep in my soul that they were trying to do the same thing as us, encourage women to get outdoors, and I badly wanted to chat with them more. What I didn’t know was that Hatie is literally all the brains and beauty behind the mag, kicking ass and writing about women while working a day job. Can you say AMAZING! Hatie and I clicked immediately as it became apparently clear our values are much of the same. When I asked her about her mission with Whoa, she had this to say

Whoa Mag stands for Women of Heart and Outdoor Adventure. We feature badass ladies who work and play outside. We want to inspire and inform, feeding the flames of adventure whenever possible. We love connecting with like-minded women and have all the respect in the world for gals who get outside, no matter if they’re extreme athletes or on-occasion joggers. “

I paused for a moment after she told me this, taking in the information, not wanting to ruin the moment, the happiness I felt inside when I realized that more and more women are realizing we need to empower and encourage one another.

Today my sprit was boosted, at a time when I really needed it. Go check out Whoa Mag and their awesome Instagram and read about some pretty awesome women who love to get outdoors, just like us.

xoxo Lindsay



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Lindsay is the co-founder of Women Who Explore. When she is not off traveling the world and writing about it, she can be found sipping on a fine glass of red wine and thinking about how she can bring more women together in this amazing community.

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