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8 Photos To Convince You To Visit The Yukon In 2017

yukon northern lights
Written by Lindsay

The Yukon, a teeny tiny territory located in the northern part of Canada. With a population of just 36,000 people it appears from the outside that there isn’t much there. That is except for absolute and breathtaking beauty. Don’t believe us? Check out these 8 incredible photos and get ready to book your plane ride to the Yukon.

8. Those Northern Lights

When the auroras dance in the sky #beautiful #nightscape #northernlights #canada #landscape #Yukon #jonathantucker #nikon

A photo posted by Jonathan Tucker (@jonathan_tucker_photography) on

7. The Lakes

The ceaseless learning journey that is life.

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6. The Mountains

5. The Wildlife

4. The Sunsets

Sunset from this past May near Carmacks… #ExploreYukon #explorecanada #Carmacks

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3. The Views

2. Endless Views

1. Glacier Lakes

“The best way to experience a new place is to “immerse” yourself in the culture.” ?? Mike is an adventure photographer from Beautiful British Columbia in #Canada. He recently was in the Yukon, the westernmost and smallest of Canada’s three federal territories. While visiting Kluane Lake, located in the southwest area of the Yukon, he captured this incredible jump of @namkcaps going into the freezing waters where he goes: ? “The lake was coooold ❄️ because it was fed by a massive glacier at one end of the lake. The best way to experience a new place is to “immerse” yourself in the culture.” He got that right! Happy to have you on buddy, keep Jumping. ? #GlobeJumpers #KeepJumping #exploreyukon #explorecanada ? Photographer: @mikewwalton Jumper: @namkcaps

A photo posted by Keep Jumping (@theglobejumpers) on



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