Our Writers

Meet our talented team of writers located throughout the world.

Laura Oxley

Laura took a crazy leap of faith and moved across the country to a town she had never heard of to start a career she had dreamed of for years.  My Website | Facebook

Toby Israel

Toby Israel is an incorrigible vagabond. She wanders in search of meaning—and finds it everywhere. She is also a storyteller.

Alice Bromfield

Alice is originally from England. She loves hiking in the mountains and forests, chasing waterfalls, taking spontaneous lake dips and capturing it all with her camera. Instagram

Christianne Balzun

Christianne (C-anne for short) here.  I have a love for the mountains, travel and food. Follow along to read about my adventures.

Jackie Arruda

I am 25. Brazilian girl. I was inspired by Jack Kerouac to hit the road. I enjoy being a female solo traveller. Im always looking for places full of history (especially things related to the Middle Ages) to explore.

Rachel Meyer

Rachel is the Creator and Founder of the Summit Fit Lifestyle where she combines wellness + adventure to empower women to achieve their best life.  Fine her on Facebook  and Instagram

Sam Spurlock

I’m an adventure seeker and after road tripping through California, I haven’t been able to stop traveling. Overall I’m a young woman plagued by wanderlust who loves adventure.

Celeste Buck-Heinz

An adventure lover who can’t get enough of traveling. I am so excited to share my passion for adventure and travel with an inspiring group of women.

Megan Hill

A Seattle-based freelance writer concentrating on food, travel, and outdoor adventure stories. She can be found enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Kendra Tombolato

Originally from Colorado, I spent two years in mainland China, a summer hitchhiking and now reside in Taiwan. Instagram | Website

Emily Mercer

I have lived and explored across Canada. I am always aiming to provide and gain new perspectives and insights on how to be more mindful explorers! Instagram Website

Steph Robinson

You can find me outside, exploring with my husband, or hanging out with friends in various places. I blog and Find me on my instagram

Heather Gustafson

I am a  a wife, a mother, a friend, an adventurer, an explorer, and more. I am someone who loves their life and is living it one adventure at a time. Find me on Instagram

Janine Avery

Janine Avery is passionate about many things. She loves to spend her time travelling, yachting, exploring remote corners and cultures of the world and partaking in wacky and wild adventures! Instagram

Abi Arneson

I’m always itching to spend time outside. Whether it’s a weekend trip or a quick hike to catch the sunset in my Rocky Mountain backyard, I find so much solitude in the outdoors. Find me on Instagram

Alicia Schneider

Originally from Montreal, Alicia has now traded in the snow and frost for the sun and sand of Tel Aviv, where she works in the tourism industry. Follow her on Instagram

Kat Clark

Kat was once known for being an experienced emergency nurse. Today, she prefers to define herself as an adventurer, a wanderer, a seeker of joy, a writer of experiences and a lover of the outdoors. Find me on Instagram

Grace Harriet

Grace is a nomad at heart. A few years ago she got tired of saying that she always wanted to go places and have adventures, so she chose to make a commitment to herself to start doing instead of dreaming.  Instagram

Mia Gordon

Mia Gordon is a host, reporter, and writer with the National Lacrosse Leagues digital network NLLTV.com. When she isn’t working or watching the big game, she is planning her next adventure. Find her on  Instagram Facebook Twitter

Lindy Callahan

My goal as a writer and in life is to inspire others to protect, preserve and find a personal connection to the earth, whether that be through environmental awareness, lifestyle, personal wellness or travel. My Website  | Instagram

Karly Watson

Hi I’m Karly, I am a fitness enthusiast who loves exploring new cultures, nature, and finding great little places with amazing food. Why sit still when there is so much to see and do?

Jessica Palmer

I am an obsessive traveller and are really passionate about the benefits of travelling and exploring with kids. I am located on the East Coast of Australia however travel regularly.

Terra Moreland

If I have a mission in life, it’s to spread that warm fuzzy feeling we get when we’re happiest. To give others the courage to live outside their comfort zone.

Ramona Cuciuch

Ramona Cuciuch is a Romanian programmer, a paragliding pilot during the weekends and a writer whenever she finds time. Blog Instagram

Faith Roswell

Hello! I’m a freelance writer, professional adventurer and former model living on a boat near London and visiting the strangest of places so you don’t have to! Find me on Instagram

Jill Weenink

Jill is an outdoor enthusiast, a traveller, a writer and a lover of life. She wants to inspire other women to get outside, love life and to find strength, courage and positivity. Instagram

Amy Horton

Amy is a freelance writer and lover of all things outdoors. She spends any free time traveling and getting outside to hike, backpack and camp wherever she can. My Website |  Facebook

Hailey Mawer

I am an avid hiker, backpacker and explorer from Alberta, always searching for my next adventure. A once Work-a-holic, now turned Wanderer.

Helen Shelvey

I am a twenty-something adventurous Brit who chased love (and the sun!) all the way to New Zealand. I’m a full time student but travel whenever I can. Facebook | Instagram

Emily Pennington

Emily Pennington is an adventurer, solo traveler, quote collector and lover of things that get people out of their comfort zones. Website | Instagram

Nicole Romanow

Nicole is a life-long outdoor girl, having grown up in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. She is an avid mountain biker, skier, hiker, and worldwide traveler. Facebook

Teresa Mupas

Teresa is a wanderer of planet Earth, a writer and poet, an English teacher, yogini, auntie, sister, cousin, daughter, and teacher. Instagram

Natasha Martinez

As an avid traveler and nature lover, connecting people to the outdoors while also preserving our beautiful natural spaces is important to her.

Cindy Dowsett

Cindy Dowsett is a wife and mother of two. She is a collector of stamps in her passport and is travelling the world with her family teaching others that life does not end after having kids. Find her on Instagram .

Wendy Lee

Wendy is a sustainability engineer. When she’s not being a nerd she likes to wander the wilderness with her yellow lab Tyke. Do what you love. Follow her on Instagram 

Kris King

Growing up in the suburbs of Portland, OR I was exposed to fishing, hiking, kayaking, playing in the ocean and exploring the nearby Mt. Hood. Currently home is the forested valley that surrounds Mt. Rainier.

Dori Nix

Dori is an adventure photographer, writer, creative entrepreneur and outdoor enthusiast based in Interior Alaska. It is her hope to empower women to believe in themselves. Find her on Instagram 

Jenna Rainey

Wanderlust, twenty-something. Originally raised along the rugged north coast of Ireland, currently residing in the heart of the Cotswolds. A tea-drinking writer with my head in the clouds. Find me on Instagram

Lindsay MacNevin

Lindsay is one of the co-founders of Women Who Explore. What makes her heart explode is seeing all these wonderful women connecting. Find her on Instagram

Stephanie Lodge

Steph is a freelance writer with a passion for health and wellness. As a nutrition consultant and competitive weightlifter and hiker, her passions have developed into a fulfilling career. Instagram | Website