Planning my dream scuba dive adventure with PADI

Planning a Dream Scuba Dive Adventure with PADI

Are you in search of your next daring adventure? Want to find that activity that gets your adrenaline going and your heart pumping? Why not explore the world of the deep blue sea and learn how to scuba dive.

About PADI

I had always dreamed of learning how to dive because I was fascinated with what was hiding down below. Behind every rock and under every stone something new to see and discover. The issue was, I had no idea where to start. After doing research, I came across PADI, Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Not only do they have incredible instructors around the world to teach you all the skills you need with the highest industry standards for dive training, but the best part is they also help you organize your dream diving trip. No idea where to find the reefs, fish, coral, or creatures you want to see? They take all the guessing and planning out of the equation to ensure you can book the greatest diving trip of your life.

Why go with PADI

PADI is the world’s largest and leading dive training organization with almost 6,500 dive centres and resorts and more than 135,000 professional members worldwide.

Nearly one million certifications are issued through PADI annually! PADI offers a variety of specialty courses for the specific adventure you are looking for. Whether you want to explore wrecks in Indonesia or take in the colours of the coral in the Caribbean, you can learn specific skills for each adventure.

There were so many underwater adventures on my bucket list, from swimming with whale sharks to discovering the Galapagos Islands. With PADI, I was able to develop the tools to make these dreams come true. They were giving me the opportunity to experience diving and have a new perspective and respect for the places I was traveling to; giving me the opportunity to connect in a way I had never done before. Now the question was, which adventure should I cross off the list first?

PADI recently launched a global travel platform that offers hundreds of dive holidays around the world – PADI Travel. It’s the ultimate resource for divers and adventurers, offering information on over 300 dive locations worldwide so that you can experience whatever and wherever your diving heart desires.

What to expect from PADI TRAVEL


    PADI Travel hosts one of the largest online selections of liveaboards and dive destinations in the market.

  • They offer Eco Travel options for travelers to share in life-changing vacations that can also have a positive impact on ocean conservation.
  • It even offers a dive destination “wizard”, considering everything from desired animal sightings, to travel dates, and everything in-between to ensure travelers meet their needs and wish list.
  • PADI Travel combines online booking with a team of experts to help you with every step of the process. It doesn’t matter what time of day, you can research, compare, and book dive vacations with access to scuba travel experts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Making the dream a reality

With the help of PADI, I am starting my journey to become dive certified. I am learning the safety and skills to ensure that I am comfortable and confident when it comes to diving. I am also starting to research and plan my dream dive vacation. PADI has inspired me to make my dreams come true and to become more active in the sport of diving. I cannot wait to cross getting up close and personal with whale sharks off of my bucket list. You can get started yourself with your local PADI dive shop or at

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