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Review: Cotopaxi Sambaya Stretch Fleece

Written by L & J

I’ll be the first to admit it, I absolutely adore Cotopaxi as a company. From the customer service to the B Corp Certification to what they stand for, it’s everything that we here at Women Who Explore believe in. The fact that items come with a llama sticker and their logo is literally a llama head seriously just makes me love this brand even more. Okay enough about why the company rocks, you can read more about that here and onto why this is my new favourite piece of clothing.

The Sambaya Stretch Fleece can be many things including a lightweight jacket on it’s own, a medium layer under a shell or even a cozy sweater for cold nights. It’s fashionable to be worn to the mall (trust me, I did it) but functional enough to be worn during sports and outdoor activities.

The technical stuff: it’s made up of Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™ fabric which ensures it’s coziness and allows for a stretch unlike many other fleeces. The breathability is also top notch, aka when I was trekking up a mountain in the freezing cold, it kept me warm but without the sweat. It’s not windproof per say but I found when I layered it under a shell, it was perfect. Cotopaxi

The fit is slim, without being constricting and extra long for those of you with long torsos. The sleeves also get a big bonus for being longer than a regular fleece and have super great thumbholes. I admit I love thumbholes but often find they restrict my slightly disproportionate large thumbs, these ones on the other hand provided enough space for my thumbs and offer great coverage on my hands. Handy pockets (three in total) are fleece lined and did a great job of keeping my iPhone warm (which tends to shut off during cold weather). The added fabric at the top of the zipper means I never get a scratchy chin from the zip and the scuba hood provides an extra layer of warmth.

I’ve worn it, washed it, taken it up and down trails, worn it inside and out and constantly get compliments on it. Do yourself a favour, visit Cotopaxi and oder this fleece today, you will not regret it.[huge_it_video_player id=”3″]



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