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Review: Fig XEA Sweater

fig xea
Written by L & J

What initially caught my attention about Fig Clothing was the fact that it is completely, 100 % made in Canada. That puts it a step above many other clothing companies in my opinion. The fact that it is inspired by adventure and practicality makes it that much better. A little bit about the company: they make everything from sweaters so comfy you literally want to crawl inside to dresses that can be pulled over your head in a flash for a quick change after you’ve descended the mountain. They focus on simplicity and quality, developing and manufacturing everything in Canada. In addition this company focuses a great deal on making sure they aren’t wasteful and have practices put into place such as donating leftover materials to non-profit organizations and fashion schools.

I’ve got to say I was THRILLED when my XEA sweater arrived in the mail as I was anxiously awaiting to see if this Canadian company would live up to my high expectations. What I wanted was a shocking fire engine red colour, a soft fuzzy interior and a long enough length I could pair it with tights.

What I got was even more than expected. Extra long sleeves unsure that they never ride up halfway up my elbows when I pull on a jacket, the drawstring down the side of the sweater makes me look slimmer and allows for adjustment and the length is perfect for wearing with both tights and jeans. Inside the sweater is complete warmth and softness. Frankly I expected it to leave fuzz on my tights, but low and behold this company has figured that out and there is no fuzz to be seen anywhere, not on me, not in the wash, nowhere. The extra large neck and hood are perfect for those chilly days and eliminates the need for a neck warmer.

Made up of 94% organic cotton and 6% spandex I found this sweater to be comfortable, stretchy yet still remain it’s shape throughout the days and washes, and trust me I wear it a lot. I have to be honest here and admit one thing though, I might just need to get myself a second one so people don’t realize I am wearing the same shirt over and over again, I love it that much.

Do yourself a favour, support an amazing Canadian clothing company and get yourselves one of these incredible sweaters, or anything else from them, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Learn more about them and purchase your new Fig Clothing here. 

fig xea



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