What they're saying

We connect women with other like-minded women in the outdoors through amazing weekend getaways. We invite you to step outside your comfort zone, find a safe space to explore the outdoors and join our community.

The memories of that weekend

One of the best parts of the Soul Sisters Getaways is the "after". When the weekend is over and the pictures start coming in, texts are exchanged and the memories of the weekend hit all over again. There's now this new group of women who have found people who are motivated, inspired, and excited and whether that energy is channeled into starting a new work week, or starting over, it's with strength supported by your new tribe. Those nights around the campfire are ones none of the Soul Sisters will ever forget.

Every Getaway so far, women come away already planning a reunion trip, or signing up for the next Soul Sisters Getaway as soon as they get home. It's an addiction of the best kind to attend these events.

Changed my life in countless ways!

The Soul Sisters Getaways have helped me to gain more confidence around women. Growing up I was physically and mentally abused by my peers, which caused me to be fearful of women as I got older. Tired of not having female friends, I decided to attend a Soul Sisters Getaway in an effort to bond with women who had similar interests as I do. Instead of being rejected, they welcomed and accepted me, giving me the courage to be myself unapologetically.

I'm still working on overcoming my social anxiety around women, but each Soul Sisters event I attend helps me grow stronger and more confident. Women Who Explore has changed my life in countless ways and I couldn't be more grateful for the positive impact their getaways have had on me.

Every adventure never disappoints

I chose to go on a soul sister getaway with my girlfriend to “get out of my comfort zone”. Little did I know not only would it connect me even deeper to nature, it would open the door to meeting new like minded women. Women who have vision, who are accepting, and goal orientated. We had the time of our lives. Exploring, creating bonds that will last forever, and getting back to what is really important.

Jenny and Lindsay have created the best adventures for women, that are affordable, memorable and life altering. Every adventure I go on with these women never disappoints and grounds me more each outing. Mountains,wine and good people !!! My experiences truly are priceless.

A special place in my heart

Too many relationships these days are shallow, there's judgement, competition and jealousy. This weekend provided me an opportunity to be unapologetically me with nothing held back. I was received with open arms, acceptance, kindness, fun, love and friendship with 15 strangers, who will always hold a special place in my heart and many who I have a feeling will be lifelong friends.

Huge thank you to Lindsay and Jenny, sisters and founders of Women Who Explore, for creating an affordable, laid back, adventurous and incredible weekend for women of all ages to connect, explore and enjoy

Everything about this weekend was perfect

Everything about this weekend was perfect. Any imperfections only made it that much more authentic, that much more real, that much better (though I’d be hard pressed to tell you what those imperfections were because I failed to see any – other than my own stupidity). If you’d have told me on Thursday that the weekend ahead would leave me rocked to my core, indescribably inspired, unexpectedly heartbroken to have to leave these incredible women behind… I would have laughed. I never could have guessed where this adventure would have taken me; I’m sure that any notion I could have had had been far surpassed in every facet.

I learned so much in my time at the River Ranch with the Women Who Explore, both about myself and about my perception of others. So many times, we place these barriers upon ourselves by seeing our fellow sisters as competition instead of collaboration. If we can just be brave enough to look past our own insecurities, and appreciate other women for their stories … oh the bonds and connections we can create. I am so incredibly thankful to have met every single Soul Sister in Golden. I am forever changed, in the best of ways,

Words cannot express...

Words can't even explain how I am feeling right now. I feel so incredibly lucky to be a part of such an amazing weekend, meeting all you brave, independent, incredible women! All you ladies are so amazing and each one of you filled me with joy and you each taught me something about myself. I came into this weekend to just have fun and if I was lucky enough to meet some awesome women, AND WOW I got even more then I even thought I would and didn't know I needed. As I sat outside yesterday morning reflecting on the night before I found my self crying at how you all where so honest and trusting, it just blew me away that there was people out there so amazing like yourselves, and hope I can be that brave someday.

I just want you all to know how much I needed this weekend and didn't even know it! And how happy, determined, inspired I feel and I hope all you ladies feel the same way

Lastly I need to thank Lindsay and Jenny!!!! This entire weekend you both kept saying how blown away you where with us and I just have to say that I was so blown away with the 2 of you! You both inspire me so much, have given me more then words can even say.

Thank you all for such an incredible weekend I will never forget"