Together We Will Plant One Billion Trees

Climate Change is REAL and we want to contribute to the fight against it! We have teamed up with TreeEra, an incredible company that plants trees on your behalf for a low monthly payment. As an added bonus they have given all Women Who Explore a discount code to use! Head on over to TreeEra today to join their community and their fight against climate change. Make sure to enter WOMENANDTREES as a coupon code to get your discount on your first month of subscription.

3 Reasons to Subscribe to TreeEra

Contribute to the Fight Against Climate Change

 A subscription with TreeEra plants hundreds of trees on your behalf every year, not only taking you off the sidelines in the fight against climate change, but allowing you to meaningfully contribute to it. How? Just one single tree can offset up to one ton of carbon over its lifetime! Climate change can seem like a complex and daunting issue; many of us know that it is happening but don’t really know what we can do to help. TreeEra provides an easy first step for individuals and businesses to do their part and make a difference.

Become a Part of a Community

 TreeEra is amassing an inclusive community (a communi-tree, if you will) around positive action and simple change. A subscription with TreeEra includes you in this community full of like-minded individuals and businesses interested in social responsibility. Together, we can make a measurable impact.

TreeEra is always looking for ways to gather our community together in real life – become a subscriber and join us at fun events like our upcoming Community Snowshoe Day! We also have a few cool offerings for our members such as TreeEra patches, discount codes to some of our favourite international retailers and more!

Offset your Carbon Footprint in a Meaningful Way

 We eat, we drive, we work – all aspects of our lives create a carbon footprint. TreeEra plants trees to help offset these footprints. A single tree can offset up to 48 pounds of CO2 per year – trees planted on behalf of members can offset hundreds of times that! Planting trees is a measurable gesture toward social responsibility and positive action.





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